Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pigs+ 2 Vs Museum=We Won!

Why do I have a mustache?

Because we met Carina and her kids at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum of course!
Still, why do I have a mustache? I've always wanted to be Snidely Whiplash! Also Canadian!

It was Brownie try it day, plus Spring Break, so there were 1 million (put on your Dr Evil voice) snot nosers there. (Only 3 of the snot machines were mine. I admit to being a breeder, but give me a break.) But it was a RIOT!

Our fav part...

The special RAISE THE ROOF exhibit on the 3rd floor.

There was a Ger, a sweet Mongolian yurt type house, and blocks, and, well, here the official write up:

Learn how a house stays warm, why Mongolians live in gers, how skyscrapers stay tall, and much more as you explore the secret life of buildings. Buildings reveal fascinating stories of human ingenuity, classical physics, deeply held cultural beliefs, spectacular feats of engineering and new findings in environmental science. Twenty interactive components and immersive environments draw visitors into the extraordinary world of buildings as they have never experienced it before.

Raise the Roof was produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota. The exhibit was made possible with support from the National Science Foundation.

Ok, I still have my mustache on, so maybe that was my favorite part. But, the Ger was really cool.

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Carina said...

I'm off for birthday shopping, but I'll do the pics tonight. Some of them looked really good on the camera. :)