Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ogre Plus Trim=Zombie?

The Ogre has been working on finishing the basement for me. Well, actually, Phil finished the basement like two months ago, the Ogre is finishing the finishing.
You know, floor, trim.
Yeah, as it turns out it's the whole house being a pit of doom is dependent on trim.

So, he's been working on projects while I've been working on trim...He made me a pantry, and got some trim up.

Again, all this while my trim gently's ready to be installed, I've done my part. Look, knee pads.

But I've been doing other stuff too.

Like trying to gather up the world's supply of orange and green yarn.

Caring for the dog...

Maybe I should work on the dog care a bit more. He looks a bit peeky!

And organizing the shelves the Ogre built.

I can't help it, it's genetic.

Now, if I can just learn to operate that drill, the basement would be the perfect place to hang out during the zombie apocalypse. If you like orange and green yarn.


anna said...

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Holly Bee said...

I'm pretty sure Anna is a blog tackle snooping bitch! Thanks for whoring your store on my blog!

I hope rats piss on your inventory!

Have a great day!

Holly Bee said...

I'm still not done!

Your mother sucks fake designer bags in hell!

(Now I'm just having fun)

Carina said...

Yay for a pantry, though! That's awesome!

What is it with the weird blog comments' advertising stuff lately? They've even hit my blog, and I don't have anywhere near the readership you do. How freakin' odd.

Heh. You said knee pads. ;)

Kristina B said...

But where are the orange and green yarn storage shelves?!?

I've gotten a couple of blog creepy crawlers as well... may they all rot in virtual hell!!!

tracyb said...

Go home Anna! :) And may I say, I love that the ziploc bags are shoved in there with the Stove Top, it looks like my cupboards!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, ziplocs are essential to a well stocked zombie proof pantry.

If there are guests over when the zombie horde invades, I'd want to send them home with some left overs.