Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ogre Outing

Went out with Ogre.

Dinner. Drinks. Movie.

Sometimes, drink is plenty.

On a side note, the Ogre dislikes humans so much that he didn't want to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall because it was the opening night. He thought it would be too crowd in the theater. I made him go. He laughed out loud, and admitted it was a good movie. There-you-go.


Trillian42 said...

Hey, we went to see it last night, too! Loved it! Hubby's coworkers were hassling him for going to see a "chick flick", but he had to admit at the end of it that it totally wasn't. :)

Kristina B said...

Too funny - can't drink and go to the movies as I always fall asleep :-)

tracyb said...

That movies sounds great. I'll tell the hubbo that another man recommended it!

Kristina B said...

I routinely make JJ watch Chick Flicks (rather lame ones off the Movie Network on TV here). He grumbles but usually I catch him chuckling.

Holly Bee said...

It was so not a chick flick! It was just this side of a dude movie!
I mean, gee, all that nudity!