Monday, April 28, 2008

Now You Know

What went in the hole?

Memories? Babies? Dogs?
I did not put baby Maeve in that hole!!

What kind of beast do you think I am???

The Ribbed Lace Bolero? In the hole? NOOOO! It's almost done! It's not in the hole.

Composted zombie parts went in of course. I can't have all those bits and pieces laying around, I've got to put them somewhere.

SHRUBS! I dug a hole and put a shrubberies in it!


Carina said...

Blueberry bushes? What kind of bushes are they? I'm worried about my new blueberry bushes tonight with the freeze. Would covering them with sheets be enough, do you think?

Kristina B said...

Very lovely. Hope that you're better with plants than I... :-)

Chris said...

Whew!!!! I was soooooo worried!!!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

The Knights Who Say Ni require a shrubbery...

p.s. If I digged a hole, I would put my neighbors in it.