Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oracle says What?

Toe up socks on magic loop needles. Yeah. Those that be crafty have to make up enthusiastic names like "magic loop" and "socks SOAR on two circs!" to trick people into trying their fancy techniques. Sure, I really like the magic loop, but do I need the fancy names?

Plus, I'm still torqed off at that Cat Bordhi. Her little booklet was written like "I'm awesome, and if you can't get this technique, well, I'm sure you really shouldn't be knitting. Because, really, this is better than, chocolate, hot tubs (clean ones) and pina coldas, minus the creepy Rupert Holmes guy. Yeah, now go get me a cat, and a mobieus scarf I can pose with!"

Go on Cat Bordhi lovers. Sing her praises. But you better find her a cat and a scarf.

Now, what was I complaining about? Right, me needing a more appropriately matched, less showy instructional book, you know, because my knitting is all 7 by 9. So, here is my book want ad:

Woman, who lives in a shoe, knits with snot and bad attitude, has 3 Pigs, under constant zombie attack, burns dinner, has aspirations of eating better SEEKS refreshing book with practical kick butt skills.

Oh magic Oracle, what have you got for me? Suck it up and go read a magazine!?!

Ooooh, what's this? Spin Off magazine has just what I was asking for!!!

How wicked awesome is that?

Now, Oracle can Spin Off help me fight Global Warming? Mother Earth News you say?


tracyb said...

Seriously? I couldn't even get the whole socks on two circs thing. Boy did I feel dumb. I do want to try magic loop, is it hard? But I dig my little metal dpns, I'll probably just stay old school. That book looks interesting . . .

Carina said...

The key to socks on two circs is to knit with the end that belongs to the needle your stitches are on. Other than that, it's like knitting on fewer dpns.

I do like Bordhi's new book. She's got some really cool stuff in the new one. You're right, though, I don't like how she names some techniques as brand new when they're not or the tone she uses sometimes.

Holly Bee said...

tracyb-I've done both 2 circs and magic loop. They really are good, and clever. I just hate the names and marketing!!!

I did better with magic loop because it was less pokey ends winging at my eyes! Yes, I was attempting to poke my own eyes out with the 2 circs method.

But, I do that with all pointy sticks...maybe I need a new hobby.

tracyb said...

no , no new hobby - that's why you wear glasses! Protection, right?

Kristina B said...

Hey - I like Cat Bordhi, but then again, I don't knit socks. LOL

Holly Bee said...

I'm actually trying to name drop and see if Cat and I can get into a brawl, then find out were really exactly alike and then become BFFs and go out for brews and leave guerilla knit goods all over town!

It could happen...

JollyEwe said...

Ya know....I have both those books and haven't even opened the sock book....but I use the Prairie Girls guide all the time.....that book freakin rocks!!! Every good girl scout/zombie killer should own it. It's become my standard gift to my females friends.