Monday, April 14, 2008

The Dress is in the Mail...

Ok, I started knitting the Ribbed for Her Pleasure Shrug. No, that's not it's real name, but I'll be damned if I can remember to call something a Bolero when it's a shrug and be expected to not make a rude comment when "ribbed" is in the name. See?

(Note for non knitters, and those who really didn't care in the first place, it's Ribbed Lace Bolero)

I don't know, she looks tall. I'm short, and well, stubby. But look at this sassy dress!

(I ordered this from a fly by night operation)

If it doesn't fit, or look nice on me, I'm going to rent a tux. So help me zombie covered shovel that's currently in the back of my car.

I'm talking about the dress fitting. You know the shrug will be, uh, of questionable fitting.

Now, I live with an Ogre and 3 underage Pigs, their opinions mean, well next to nothing. I need help when it comes to suitable under things. Mind, gutter, remove. That's to you Dee's Brother.

I mean, really, I get the whole need to shave leg thing. Probably pits too. (Shelly!!! I need that machete again.) But really, don't you think that nylons are just (insert swear word ending with ing of your choice) lame? You know I don't have a tan. I live in Michigan and it will be May. That seems stupid and uncomfortable to me.

Can I just wear socks and a pair of sweet converse? I think so.

Do you think I could commision Em to knit a pair of sweet socks to match this sweet dress? Rocker! Then order chucks to match? Sweet!

Maybe I won't need a Tux after all!


Carina said...

Sandals? Short socks and Converse with something else to make it more 80s? How about my personal favorite mix: thigh highs and a Bali butt-and-thigh shaper? Wait, you don't need shaping. Just the thigh highs, then? Nordstrom has the best.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Ooooh, can I paint your dress poseys on spindles?

Though I'm kinda disappointed it's not seafoam green. :(

Holly Bee said...

Yes, paint my flowers on spindles!!!!

Kristina B said...

Awesome dress!

And the bolero...? Ole!!!


Knit and fall back in it said...

That dress is just stupid cute. Neutrogena has a pretty good sunless tanner, slap some of that on your legs and screw the pantyhose, or make yourself some really pretty lacy socks and wear those with Mary Janes.

Kim said...

I love this umm...bolero, shrug? My daughter will be getting one in the near future.

Holly Bee said...

Dear Friends,
Please promise to make a Ribbed Lace Bolero out of Briar Rose Fibers.

Here's why:

Kelly Maher, the designer will be famous.

Briar Rose Fibers will be rich.

I will become the next Yarn Harlot pimpin' out the next cool thing!

You all? You will be my posse, my bitches, my scissor keepers, my bail money holders, awwwwh yeah!

tracyb said...

that dress is gorgeous! No nylons, and some strappy sandals I think. If you don't wear nylons, I won't wear nylons and then our white legs won't seem so out of place!

Holly Bee said...

I don't do game on!!

Dee's brother said...

How about...not using that dress...and instead...nit that bolero thing full length and wear it by its self. Kinda like the girl in the Austin Powers movie....shagadelic man...revealing too!