Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All This Could Be Yours!

LOOK!!! The Briar Rose Charity Knit for the Hope Lodge Afghan is whole!

Kim is also going to put an edging on this AMAZING 48" x 64" blanket

Does that button look familiar?

Wondering what the heck is going on with the blanket? Well, if you donate to the American Cancer Society through our special link funds go directly to the new Hope Lodge in Grand Rapids.

Your reward for doing a good deed?

1. A warm glowing feeling in your heart knowing that you helped a fellow human through their time of hardship. Cancer Sucks!

2. Tax deduction! Yes, when you donate, you can write it off on your taxes. You even get a handy form you can print out and save for your taxes. (That part is all you, I am not responsible for your taxes)

3. Fight the man! Apparently there is not enough funding for SCIENCE, INSURANCE, and HEALTH CARE, so by donating you are also helping to fill in the gaps. Thus, sticking it to the man. (Ok, that's kind of far fetched.)

4. YOU GET A CHANCE TO WIN THE BLANKET!!!! Yes, just by donating through the link...

Briar Rose Charity Knit for Hope Lodge

You will be entered into the random drawing.

Why do I keep pimping this out on Knit with Snot? Because I made 4 of the squares! It's gorgeous! It's for a good cause! Ok, also because I really want to win the darn afghan and I can't because I was part of the knit/design team and I am counting on one of you to win it so I can go visit it!!!

I'm talking to you Marshall! Wouldn't that look good in your living room? Show it to Jackie, it would totally match your new couch. Really brighten up the room.

You can also donate and get entered into the drawing through my personal site. Of course I have a personal site! When I grow up I want to be a writer, a professional Charity Fundraiser, knitter, Roller Derby Girl and Ninja.


Kristina B said...

WOW!!! which square is yours?


Holly Bee said...

I made 4 of the blue squares!! In the close up photo, the one with the button is mine.

Then in the full blanket start at the bottom right: 2nd row, 3rd up

It's a Lacey Heart.

I also have a plain one, and then a wavey lacey one. But I don't know where those are for sure.

Thanks for the love!!! I'm really proud!

Carina said...

That really does look nice. I'm glad I entered awhile back. :)

How to keep it away from the kids who steal all things soft and cuddly . . .