Monday, March 17, 2008

Threadbear Hope Lodge Cancer Cape Event-We have Drop Off!!!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters
We fight Zombies, and Cancer!!

It started off a bit rocky for a few of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters. Kathryn had no electricity, but still managed to still managed to take one for the team, make the 40 minute drive to the rally point, and drop off her Cancer Cape.

Knit with the dreaded Lion Brand Homespun. Pretty to look at, a beast to knit with.
Because of this, she was awarded the

Zombie Prom Date Knitters T Shirt for Most Crap to Overcome Award.

Big Round of Applause for Kathryn!!! She was also given another skein of the evil Lion Brand Homespun as a, well, sort of a torturous gift. Plus, it matches the shirt, and I love green.

There were other prizes, for obscure reasons...

Cancer Cape Not Completed Due to Homework Award went to Em.

Folding Cutting Utensils were handed out to multiple member so that when I say "does anyone have any scissors I can borrow?" there would be more in the general group.

All in attendance also received Lance Armstrong Live Strong bracelets. You know the whole rest of the story. I could go into details, but I'll just give you the highlights. Ready...

One ball of cashmere was all he needed to to have some fun at the Tuesday Night Music Club and win the Tour de France again, and again until she broke it off with him.

When we walked in, I wanted it to be like the walking in scene from The Right Stuff, but it was more like the walking in scene from Armageddon. Sadly, I'm Steve Bushemi.
You know, Chris Bylsma was at the store also, but really, we were the bigger draw. Ok, we may have caused more of a ruckus.

We scared the dogs,

we scared the people by making out with cashmere,
some of us hadn't eaten and got a little friendly with the Japanese yarn,

some of us had never been to Threadbear before and went a little wild, more than normal even.

It was sort of like SNOW MADNESS, had been taken over by YARN MADNESS
and you know what? I liked it, I really, really liked it!

Why is my head tied to this display of yarn? Had people been stealing displays and needles for Malabrigo's sake!

Can you imagine knitting with stolen needles? I would feel so guilty the whole time, each stitch, would click-stolen-stolen-stolen. It would be so tell-tale heart. Shame on you, dirty thieves! Thanks for ruining my hat trying on fun...ok, I still had fun, but really.

Oh, and they don't call her Spinsanity for nothing!!!

Did you know you can get a handmade, hand painted, beautifully balanced spindle made by Spinsanity herself at Threadbear? It's true you can! You can also get them from her Etsy shop, and she takes special orders.

So, are you sad? Did you feel like you missed out on something? Well, you can make it next time, right?


Still working on Briar Rose Charity knit for Hope Lodge

What's next???

National Kidney Foundation-Kidney Walk!!!
(That sounds really funny!)


Kathryn said...

Aw, man-- I *am* sad!!! I can't believe I missed a chance to make out with cashmere. As it turns out, the electricity came back on right after I got home, so that was good, but I'm still really bummed out that I missed the Threadbear trip. Definitely count me in for next time!

Holly Bee said...

We were sooo sad about your electricity problem and that you couldn't make it!!!

You are already precounted for next time!!!

tracyb said...

Oh my gosh, all that yarn! I'm so bummed I couldn't come :( That Malabrigo display made me drool. (I've only ever seen the lace in person, really coveting the worsted.)
Rock on with the Hope Lodge knitting!

Carina said...

Can I join your kidney walk team? I'd really like to do that.

I am sooo sad I missed the field trip. :(

Anonymous said...

fab pics. way cool trip but i may have broken my no yarn buying promise. hope to get there next time. love ya and nice charity work. toady

Kristina B said...

Wow - that is some Lion Brand shawl...

Tracy B - I'm with you re. not coming there. However, you and Holly have to come to Toronto in the good weather... (holly can pick you up)... and I'll take you on the Yarn Harlot LYS tour plus there are a couple more since then. Bring $$$.