Monday, March 03, 2008

Photos! Leap Day Edu-Mini-Vacation

I may have a hard time keeping track of the day of the week, or the date in general. Birthday's, Anniversaries, I might miss and make you cry, but those come every year.

When it comes to Leap Day, well, that's special! Plus, I've got 4 years to plan, it's not all sneaking up on me.

Set loose on the Brookfield Zoo. If asked, we learned that an Ogre is almost as big as a dolphin, and aardvarks alive smell worse than anything we've ever smelled dead.

Pig 2, finding his place in the primate line.

I know this Pig was not switched at birth. This one is mine.

We've dubbed March 1st Pig Day...on to the Field Museum.

Organized... Again with the Organized... Running wild...

(Note to Zombie Prom Date Knitters-I was representin'. I was all, Look honey, dinosaurs! Oh, and this is a Wooly Mammoth! Isn't this rocker!)

Hands on learning. We love SCIENCE!!!!!!

Yes, attacked by taxidermied birds.

Yeah, this is about how I felt about the Shedd Aquarium too.

How do you relax after a long day of museums? With Foooooodie!!!

We went to Fuego Loco. They had a frozen Margarita Sampler...Yeah.

We all had a riot with the salsa sampler. All fresh and dee-lish.
Kid friendly, Mom friendly, and best of all Ogre friendly!! The food was great, nicely spiced and reasonable priced (kids meals were $3). The Ogre noted "if it weren't for your Margaritas..." Hey a 5 sampler was $8.99. I think it would have been a bargain at twice the price. Really, they were lovely.

More Science? Can I get a WooHoo??

Museum of Science and Industry...

Do you have a favorite Element? The Ogre does...

Tungsten. That's the 'W' on the Periodic Table. One of the few elements named in German. I didn't even have to wiki that one. I'm just a nerd.

Here I give you Chicago's Promise...

So I tried it...

According to the Laws of Nature

Water that has been through a water treatment system tastes like chlorinated human poop.

Soo, after our Leap Day Educational Mini Vacation to Chicago, Land of Tastey Water,
where do the Pigs want to go next?

Pig 1 hears the coffee is great there. But he said he wants to check out the cafes in Europe first. No, really, he said that.

Chicago with kids tips:
1. Break down, rent the darn stroller. Otherwise, you'll be carrying that kid. Plus, it's got a basket and it's $2. If you take transit, you don't have to lug yours around.

2. Bring SNACKS!!! Or pack a whole picnic lunch, and then treat those future Noble prize winners with some supreme junk the museum. Really. You save on buying McD's crap lunch, and just have to buy a Sundae at McD's. It's compromise. Then go somewhere awesome for early dinner.

3. Hand sanitizer. Do you want rotovirus? Right.

4. Sale/Clearance at the museum store. Like your kid knows that they didn't see the Chinese Dino Exhibit from 2005. They just want a bright green shirt with a dino on it. Oh, you say it's an adult Medium, and it's waaaay to big? NIGHT SHIRT. It's $5.

5. Relax, don't yell, have fun. Rest. Eat. Have fun. Did I say that twice? Eat. Eat. Fun. Have a drink at the restaurant, you are taking public transit or staying in a hotel right? Just don't sleep nakee in case there is a fire on the floor below you. It happens.

6. Omnimax was worth it. Pig 1 wants to be a paleontologist. I still don't know what I want to be. He's 7.

7. Pig 1 did the m.stories
It was a journal for the museum. It was great for a second grader. It helped him write down what he was seeing and he really enjoyed doing it. It was from the Science and Industry Museum but we used one at the Field Museum. Really a fun!!


Carina said...

I had so much fun taking the kids around to the museums last fall, too. We loved the aquarium (couldn't get Stephen away from the otters only to lose him at the frogs), and I have to go back to the Field Museum--that was seriously awesome. David missed them (stupid conference), so we're thinking of doing another trip.

It's worth getting the visitor pass for the public transit, too. Chicago's public transit system is awesome! Fast, easy, and the kids love it.

Oh, and you're totally right on packing snacks and lunch. The food in those places is seriously pricey and pretty bad. Not horrible, but not worth the cost. Best to pack.

Did your kids like the Field Museum's kid section downstairs? I couldn't get mine out of there for the longest time. Stephen kept picking corn, and Anna kept digging up the fake bones.

Holly Bee said...

Kids' section? No, in our world of evil, the whole Field Museum was for the Pigs!

Kristina B said...

Hey! Where did my comment go?

Road trip to Chicago... very cool. I love Chicago...

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Oooohhh! Sounds like you all had a blast! I haven't been to the museums in forever. Now you have me wanting to travel again.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I don't evenremember what I did on Leap Day.