Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Golly! St Patty's Still Mocking Me

So you make a few comments about eating half a cow and how you're still burping beef and this is what your dear friends do to you...

Yes, they make you laugh so hard you have to change your pants. I peed a little, not the other.

On the craft front, sewings out, and maybe the knitting should be chucked behind the chair too.

Why? I can't decide between blaming the Ogre or False American Idol.

They slaughter The Beatles so bad I thought the American Werewolf in London had come home for a visit and had a litter of puppies, and taught them to sing.

Anyway, it was somewhere between a weird remix of A Day in the Life and well, no, that pretty much caused me to mess up my pretty knitty foliage hat so much I had to rip it all out.

It's now back to this....

"I think I need to make a green hat out of cotton yarn for summer! Yeah! That will be nice! It will match my Zombie Prom Date Knitters Shirt!"


Or, I'm just a easily swayed knitter, or that guy really messed up that song. Beatles lyrics are embedded in our genetic code whether we liked it or not, and it just really threw me off.

Yeah. Ok, it is difficult to knit when you burp up cows every couple minutes.


tracyb said...

The ogre likes American Idol? Any other reality tv? I myself have a week long line up of the trash tv! Although I do agree, it is time to move on from the beatles.

Carina said...

Dude, the Beatles are sacred. You don't mess that up. I would've screwed up my knitting too if I'd heard some singer desecrate the Beatles.

Trillian42 said...

If you want a better new version of Beatles songs, skip AI and run, do not walk, to find a copy of the movie "Across the Universe". It is AWESOME.

Kristina B said...

Thanks for featuring my artwork on your blog, Holly. I'm sure in no time at all I will become a world-renowned artist, more famous than Picasso even. I'll send you some handmaiden then. :-)

Re. the Beatles: I agree with Carina but out of curiosity will check out the Across the Universe movie.

Holly Bee said...

You know, I saw the preview for Across the Universe and was all a flutter! It was rocker then? I somehow missed it? RAGE!! Will find get it pronto!

KB-I will keep saying/writing dumb things, you keep doing amazing artwork and together we will be the next amazing comedy duo!

But you can shoot for Picasso. I'd be happy with Tenacious D fame. I'd take even Flight of the Conchords. Ok, I would love to be Flight of the Conchords.