Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Shopping List

Gatorade-for rehydration

Clorox wipes-damn the environment, if just for the week, I need to kill some germs!

Krispy Kreme one dozen-As a Thank You to the Lab Girls!

Thank You Card-Eh, you can figure that out, but it's for someone who was close to Pig 2 today

Gift Card-Sometimes flowers just don't cut it. Pig 2 related also

So, why the weird shopping list? Did you know Pigs 1 and 3 were sick? Yes, the barfing kind of sick. Pig 1 has been barfing since Saturday kind of sick.

Why did I feel like it was ok to send Pig 2 on a field trip to Miller Auditorium to see a ballet of Peter Pan if both of his brothers were home sick and I was at work? Just thumbing my nose at fate friends, thumbing my nose at fate.

Sooo, Pig 2 started barfing, his awesome K teacher helped him barf into his coat hood. True brilliance! Kept most of it off his clothes. She's not only got mad skills, but style to boot!

I got the call at work and my awesome co workers and new boss at Woodbridge Hills were all "go save your baby!"

They sent me out the door with very good detailed instructions on how to get to Miller. I did ignore the where to park was a Mom-Child-Rescue-I'll-Pick-Up-That-Car-To-Save-You parking kind of thing. I put the Mazda behind the buses...ticket me.

If you too would like to barf in an auditorium, bowl, bag or coat jacket, come on over to Casa de Ogre, we've go some serious bugs to share with you.


Kristina B said...

Holly - thanks for the kind invite, but I think I'll pass.

The hood trick WAS a great idea, though! ;)

tracyb said...

oh man, pukey kids. I never deal well with that. I make the husband clean the puke. Pig 2's teacher does sound resourceful! I'm so glad I don't teach kindergarten. Hope the pigs feel better and that you and the Ogre miss out on the whole bug thing.

Carina said...

I'm super impressed with the teacher. She rocks.

Then again, I usually travelled on field trips with a gallon ziploc, just in case. You never know what'll happen with kids. First aid kit, phone numbers, cell phone, and a gallon ziploc--the teacher's survival kit.

I hope they get over this soon. It's lasting too long and is just too darn unfair. :( Do you think it's Norovirus?

Knit and fall back in it said...

Egads, there is nothing like tossing your cookies in front of your whole class, poor kid. I hope they are all feeling better soon.

We had it here about 2 weeks ago, tell the Dr. they need Phenergan, it's a miracle drug.

TV Digital said...
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