Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me? Stay out of trouble? Neva!

Where have I been? I've been working! Which would lead you to believe I have been staying out
of trouble. You would be believing wrong. I've just been taking trouble to a new location...and forcing my cooking on a new captive audience! Look, is it a stool sample or fudge?

Fudge packing....

Come on, that is funny.

Ohh, cats should not eat fudge as it turns out.

Rest in peace Pippin, rest in peace.

Oh! Should Pigs not eat Peeps??!!!

He's fine.

Check my new scrubs. Nice, huh? Oh, where did I get them? They're kinda bright you say?

I got them in the 80's!!!

Ok, I did go shopping at the Goodwill.
But really, I swear I went in looking for a bridesmaid dress. Ah, always a bride, never a bridesmaid! As Fiber is my witness, I will have a bridesmaid dress this summer! Fluffy, and floofy and totally inappropriate for everyday wear.

Plus I have the best job ever...check what I did on Sunday!

Need career advice? Come talk to me. Knitty foliage hat is done, and I got paid to do it. Nice.


Carina said...

Ooh, I like that hat! Very pretty.

I'm quite impressed by the fudge. Fudge is hard to get just right. Was it peanut butter or maple?

Kristina B said...

Very very nice hat! Tell me how to make $$$ knitting, wouldja?

And I agree with Carina, the fudge(packing) is impressive. You rock!

However, I'm finding it difficult to believe that you are old enough to have bought anything in the '80s... :-)

Kristina B said...

PS I just got my Zombie Prom kit from Holly in the mail!!!!! Yippee!!!!!

tracyb said...

oooo. . . very nice foliage! Must make one for myself.

Mono loco said...

Fudge packer? I didn't even know her!!