Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look! Look! No, it's not the bunny...

Look! Down there. Blue, kinda plain. Not with the cables, with the button...

I made that one!

Why? Really, if you don't know by now, I'll tell you this time, and then like three more times and then I swear, I might tell you like 4 more times. After that I'll be pretty convinced that you just don't care and then I'll really start talking about my squares.

We're raising money for the Hope Lodge! Why? Because cancer sucks year round, not just during that special time of year when your employer has a Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk. Uh-Huh. Cancer, year round. Fight the fight. Plus, it's tax deductible. Plus, you could have a chance to win this lovely hand knit afghan that I helped knit.

Go, now, donate. It'll make you feel good. For real, there's been research on it. I don't make this crap up, NPR does.


Kristina B said...

Nice square. :-)

Happy Chocolate Fest... er,
Easter to you! You might want to check out the blog tomorrow to check out Canadian Easter Candy!!!

Holly Bee said...

Oh yeah, taunt me with good Canadian candy when all we have is crap.

Or should I say "if it ain't Canadian Candy it's craaap."

heeeheeee! Say happy Candy Day to JJ for me!