Thursday, March 13, 2008

Curious Plans 08

So the Pigs are watching Curious George. I'm cool with Curious George because William H. Macy is the narrator and if he approves, I approve. That doesn't mean I'm going to run out and get a singing Curious George Doll, unless it could fight against the two Elmos.

Anyway, Curious George takes a ride in a blimp. Yep, it happens. I tell Pig 2 & 3 "Mama went for a ride in a hot air balloon." They were all "no way! That is awesome! Did you do that before we existed?"

Being the dork that I am I replied with "well actually, you were eggs inside my body, but you didn't really get anything out of it, so yeah, it was before you existed."

But now that the Pigs do exist, here is a short list of what we have in the works for this summers outings. Oh, they may sound lame now, but remember how much fun we had checking out the parking garage last summer? Yeah.

Remember, these are the above and beyond the regular

1. Camping
2. Zoo
3. Parks
4. Bird Sanctuary

Note about Bird Sanctuary-I was attacked by taxadermided birds at the Field Museum. But my Baby Sugar Pig 3 loves birds, so darn it, I'm taking him to see birds. I will be in full riot gear. I may need an assistant.

Here's the Curious Stuff

1. Bus Tour of Kalamazoo

We are going to get our Team B shirts

Get up in the mornin' get on the bus
Get up in the mornin' like the rest of us

Name that tune and you will get supreme pride and glory from me forever! It's like Iron Chef, Snot Style!

2. Guerilla Artist

What!!!??? The sweet Pigs are going to get thrown in jail? Golly, I hope not! I was thinking we would sidewalk chalk in public places. As sort of our summer thing. Or start the Pigs their own Bookcrossing account. (I'm 100000fireflies there. If you know that one, you're even better!)

3. Train

Are you seeing a trend here? Summer of Protest? We don't exactly live in an area where we take public transit as a part of our daily lives, but it should be.

4. Henry Ford Museum and visit the Cousins!!!!

I hear that the cousins have lot's of available floor space. It will be like camping, but with indoor plumbing!!!! Love it!

5. Detroit Tigers Baseball

Did you hear that August 10th was Stitch and Pitch Detroit this year???!!! I'm not taking the Pigs to that one, but I really want to go!!! Put me on a bus and let me get my rowdy knit on!!

Poor Pigs, they think these types of things are super fun!


Anonymous said...

"Bus Rider" by the Guess Who

"Places to go; important people to meet
better not get up or you might lose your seat"

Kristina B said...

Curious George is super fun! Curious George rawks! William H. Macy double rawks!!!!

Hey - to avoid you and Pigs getting arrested, why not do knitting graffiti! Was reading about this some time back - can't remember whether in Craft Mag or IK... they knit stuff then go put it around light poles etc in the middle of the night. :-)

Carina said...

I want to go to Stitch and Pitch, too!

Oh, and the Henry Ford Museum is awesome. I really should take the kids there again. They loved the make your own car and test it thingy. It was like legos but then had a bumpy and smooth ramp set up to test them on.

I'm thinking of putting the kids in the KBS camps (cheap!!) this summer. I don't know how many or what, but Stephen has to be in the farm and wetlands ones, and Anna would enjoy them, too.