Saturday, March 08, 2008

Charity Knitting it Ends today-This Batch

I am so close to being done with my squares for the Briar Rose Charity Knit for the Hope Lodge.
I'm on the 4th out of 4!

(Donate now! You donate before March 11th you get in for a the afghan drawing and a BONUS Namaste bag drawing!!!)

(You can also go to Team Knit with Snot and get into all the same drawings plus see my sweet page, and eternal love from me)

The original plan was for all 4 to be all original and have that certain Knit with Snot flair. Well, I think just being in the house of snot has made them snotty enough. Only one is really "special" and it's special because of a button.

Yes, dear knitter, when your knitting looks like crap, polish that turd!

Here are knit turd options:

1. Ribbon

With the addition of ribbon, the non-knitting public is distracted from Frankenstein seams, and just sees the turd polishing.

2. Buttons

Shiny. Why do you think so many sweaters have buttons. The 80's, there were a lot of buttons and zippers to hide all that ugly. Need I say more.

3. Friends

Your friends will tell you your stuff is pretty. No matter what. They may talk about you behind your back, but they will tell you they love it, and it will make you feel better. That way you can carry on with that bright pink Lion Brand Homespun yarn and make that Cancer Cape. Because when it's done, someone's gonna love it.

4. Time

Time does heal all. That Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan that I went on and on about? I hated it. Will never wear. No amount of buttons, or ribbons can save it. BUT it's going to a good home.
The Hope Lodge!!!!!

That's right, the Sweet Mary Jane is really a Bed Jacket, not a Cardigan. When I bought pattern proceeds went to Breast Cancer. Now, it's come full circle.

Soo, I will not shower (I will brush my teeth though) until I complete my 4th square! It also happens to be Saturday and I do enjoy me some jammy lounging. But today, this jammy lounging is in the name of CHARITY!!! It's for the good of the Order!

Man, it's going to be stinky at work tomorrow when I refuse to shower until I get my Cancer Cape done. Heeheehee.


Mono loco said...

In solidarity, I'm not showering until my bright pink Lion Brand Homespun cancer cape is finished!!

And I'm starting a bring pink and purple one too!!

Ka-pow!! Take that, cancer!!

Kristina B said...

Why spend all that time brushing your teeth?! Time that could be spent knitting?!?

I'm not showering today either.

Holly Bee said...

I love you both sooo much!!!!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

I can smell ya way over here in the creek. An odd mix of sugary cereal and...snot. Yum.

Knit on, oh snotty one!