Friday, March 14, 2008

Cancer Cape Threadbear Road Trip!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters don't just raise kids, skijor with dogs, fight zombies and have the occasional kidney removed, and or inserted. Oh no, we FIGHT CANCER TOO!

Water Street Coffee Joint (Oakland Dr locale) thought we were just back there scaring away customers. But no! We were fighting the good fight against cancer!

And making friends!!!


This is our new friend Kama Tai!

She is super cool and tolerant, and well, she's a dancer and super awesome and fun! Come back Kama Tai! Hang out with us again!!! We'll try not to be so loud, or include you more in the loud!

Ok, after the ZPDK's outing I found a package in the mail. Lucky for me it wasn't hate mail. Instead, it was the beautiful striped shawl on the top left from Tracyb! She sent it all the way from Alpena, MI to support the Zombie Prom Date Knitter Cancer Caper for Hope Lodge Charity Drive to ThreadBear. (the long winded official name of Sunday's outing)

Look! This is the pile of looooove!!! ka-Pow! Wha-Paa! Feel free to add your own cancer cape battle cry!

Donation roll call:


Oh! Look! Swag! It can't be a proper knitting road trip without swag now can it!

If you are MI local and have questions, or want directions or just want to meet up with us at Threadbear. Please feel free to leave a comment, or email me. But if you are going to call me sir, make sure it's SIR, YES SIR!

For those who don't care for the knitting, I give you...

Queen of Trim

All for you Dee's brother.


dee's brother said...

YES!! I finally made it into your blog......I have finally ascended to greatness! By the don't look like a boy around all that trim!

Kristina B said...

sir yes sir!!!!!