Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another Dangerous Dinner

Let's start with a big thank you to those brave friends and family that still accept dinner invitations. It's gotten so wild around Casa de Ogre, hard hats are required for dinner.

We dished out the meat loaf, that was fine.

I did miss something when it came to the veggies.

I baked the label.

Always chase a questionable dinner with cheap wine.

The Ogre has a stomach of steel, and nerves of well, he may be on elephant sedatives.


Kristina B said...

You should really have a cooking show, Holly. "Label Baking and more, from Knit with Snot".


You could be the next Food Network star!

Hey - do you have any free patterns? If so... do you know about If you Email her she will post your patterns... I have about 2 million hits on my blog today as a result!!

Holly Bee said...

Or call it-
How to Ruin Dinner, and not Kill your Guests!

Knit and fall back in it said...

So what's a little baked paper and adhesive among friends? If nobody keeled over what's the damage?

Kristina B said...

Good call, knitandfallbackinit aka Amy. I imagine I've eaten a lot of paper and I'm still around to tell the tale...