Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Weekend Update...Will SNL Sue Me?

Here I am on Friday. Look at those cute hand-me-down clothes! See kids, even grown ups take clothes from friends. It's all about how you put it together.

Yes, that sweater is brighter than the sun. It's orange and pink and red. Jealous much? Lick it up baby, lick it up.

So, nice sweater right, but what the heck was I doing? Why this is the scrapbooking part of the weekend! But how can a person scrapbook when this sort of this was going on?

"Karen, did you know I was systematically going around Kalamazoo County and trying out all the bakeries? These look like they may be from the Mexican Bakery on Portage road. I only know because it's only one of two bakeries I haven't visited"

Answer from room "WHAT?"

Karen "Why, uh, yes, Holly, this is from the Mexican Bakery on Portage Road."

La Azteca Bakery Goods...Go! They are super nice there, the baked goods, are AWESOME! They give you a tray and you just pick stuff out. It's like heaven.

Oh, this, the Tulip baby sweater! The intended Mama wasn't there. She was at her Dr's office trying to get the Dr to say "you know, you've been carrying that baby for a long time, let's get it out of you before it's too big for that sweet sweater that your friend made for her."

Did I get much scrapbooking done? No.

I even brought Alice, a non scrapbooker so that I would have someone on my side when I said "look I got 3 pages done!" and then the other ladies say "no, Holly, that's only 1.5 pages."

Non scrapbookers (knitters) all say a page is a page. Scrapbookers say a page is a page when both front and BACK are done. Yeah, I'm a knitter. But the paper is really pretty around all the photos of me and the Pigs camping...ah, camping.

Day 2.

Saturday-Hat Attack Day!

The beginning of Hat Attack!

I was feeling cocky. We all got our pattern at 9 am Eastern Standard Time.

Did I say I was feeling cocky? I was until I asked the Ogre this "If it's 9 am in Boston, what time is it in Kalamazoo, NH and CA?"

The dear sweet, not at all time challenged Ogre replied "I hope it's your Target and not your Assassin in CA, otherwise they have a head start on you. Ready to paint the basement?"

Again, I was cocky. Then I painted the basement.

Oooh, look a wall. Hey! Is that a Yeti? Big Foot! I'm gonna be rich! Oh, just the Ogre.

Finally! Done painting for the day! I can cast on! Hat Attack is on Baby!

Sadly, by now, other people are reporting that they have finished their hats. I scan the reports, and at least my assassin is not among them. Ok. Good.

Now though, the Ogre and Jackie decide they are going to drive to Grange. I say "Right. You go to Grange, I'll work on my hat and pick out a new car because you're bound to total ours. The Pigs stay here."

The Ogre and Family made it home safely, the car is intact. It did take like 2 hours. During that time I went from "that's what you get for driving in that stupid weather" and "oh, I'm going to be a really young widow" and "I hope Disney isn't busy this time of year."

That's right, if the Ogre is dumb enough to kill himself going to Grange in a snow storm, I'm taking the Pigs to Disney to ease the pain.

Look what sniffing paint fumes does to my knitting skills. It makes for questionable color choices.

Day 3


Now, here it is...Tye Die Hat of Doom!

Day 4

Don't fret, my Target may be safe, (Hi Kristin) because of this...

Do you see that snow drift? It's higher than my bumper. Luckily, or because of the basement being finished, the Ogre is still parking outside and his car was outside of the drift. My package will make it to the post office after all!

As for zombies. I have a still wriggling arm on the front bumper of my car. I have tried everything to pry it off. I think I'm just going to have to wait until the thaw.


Carina said...

You rock! You got tons and tons done this weekend, the weekend of the state trooper driving warning. I saw your school's out for a snow day, too. Try to stay sane. :)

Kristina B said...

I echo Carina. You rock not only the house, but all the way up to the border as well!

The Tulip is fab. And what's wrong with the colour choice for the hat?!

One thing that puzzles me... there were not one but TWO bakeries you've never been to?!?! What's up?

tracyb said...

It is wrong that there is a snow day. Someone who has done as much work as you deserves a day off! Stripes! They look really cool.

Holly Bee said...

I love you all!

I am now going to ignore the mess that the house is in and knit for...Charity!

That's right friends, Murder on the weekend, Charity during the week. More info to follow...

Knit and fall back in it said...

I like the colors on the hat and I think the basement looks great. Last year I decided that I was going to paint the entire interior of my house. I did the living room and the dining room and said "screw it". I know I am going to have to do the rest eventually, but I am just going to take it all one room at a time. Painting the whole house takes up too much knitting time.

Kim said...

Love that Tulip sweater!

lora said...

The hat attack sounds like so much fun. I don't pretend I could have done it, though. Much too easily distracted by shiny objects.