Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sushi and Skijoring

What do you do when the ground hog says 6 more weeks of winter? You cave and see if Pig 1 really does know what sushi is. Turns out, he does, and he likes it.

You also decide to suck it up, and embrace winter.

So Shelly recently had the brilliant idea to go skijoring . Did I ask what skijoring was? Did I question it's existance or it's ability to cause bodily harm to myself or others? NO! I said "GAME ON! You can use my yard, my Pigs, and my dog if you need to."

Little did I know that all those things were actually going to be involved in skijoring.

Shelly, The Skier, the dogs, or victims...or is Shelly the victim?

Pig 3, aka the Doubter

Millie, mocked more than pulled. Then the dog got, well, sick of the human crap.

But, Berger, Berger, was up for it! We found his true calling in life. He may need to be put on pure oxygen today, but he was happy.

As stated by the official skijoring.com website people...

"Skijoring is a unique partnership between a person and their dog or dogs"

Next up, snowshoeing, sledding, and rollerskating. Eh, rollerskating counts as a winter sport, a person can totally break an arm doing it.

Me, what did I do? I was the official "photographer."


dee's brother said...

I am unfamiliar with the white substance that appears to be on the ground in your photos? Also, what is up with all the clothing you people wear outside? Well, I must go now...trying to decide if I should keep the windows open...or close them and turn the air conditioning on....decisions...decisions.....

Holly Bee said...

The stuff outside is call "fun." Yes it is the main ingredient in fun.

The heavy clothes we wear are known as "fashionable." Very, very "fashionable."

I think all the hot chicks come from places that are overwhelmed with "fun" and grew up with "fashionable" attire.

All hail snow.

Kristina B said...

I learn something new everytime I come here... Holly.

Dee's brother, I disagree with Holly (respectfully) on the definition of the white substance outside being "fun". Holly herself defines it as "madness", as do I.

What a tough decision to make. We've got another five months to go before that issue arises for us again. Oh well.

Carina said...

My mom and her hubby do that with their dog. He's certainly big enough to pull them around. It looks like good fun was had by all. :)

tracyb said...

My son would love to have had a dog big enough to have pulled him around. Nona is only a 30 pounder, and well the puppies, they are not going to be pulling around a 130lb. sixteen year old in this lifetime!

Knit and fall back in it said...

My dog is old and tired, if I were to suggest that he pull me around on skis he would probably look at me as if to say, "Oh, you've lost your mind completely now." I fear there would not be enough Snausages in the world to get him to do that. Congratulations to you for having well behaved, cooperative pets.

Holly Bee said...

Don't be fooled friends. That was like 10 minutes of tom foolery. We had to pay the pigs back with hot cocoa. The dogs demanded peppermint schnapps in their beverages.