Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rally Cry!! Knit for your life, or the Cure, Not Robert Smith though...

Ah, in need of some charity knitting? I've got the perfect thing for you! Pray Shawls! Right, you're over the whole prayer shawl thing, but check this. It's prayer shawls for the new Hope Lodge in Grand Rapids, MI.

What's Hope Lodge you ask? Well, here's the quick info:

free, temporary housing facilities for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. Yeah, FREE.

But also comfy, and home like, and what's more homey than a home made prayer shawl. Especially if it's knit with snot right?

But you don't know where to drop off your shawl do you? Nice excuse loser. I've got a plan, and it involves a ZOMBIE PROM DATE ROAD TRIP!!!!

Check this:

Last week we shared that this new facility in Grand Rapids is seeking prayer shawls for residents of this cancer treatment center. If you're in the mood to create prayer shawls, we now have a person here in Lansing that is willing to pick them up from ThreadBear, get them to someone locally who will take them to Grand Rapids, where they will be put into use at Hope Lodge. Just drop your completed prayer shawls by the shop during regular business hours and we'll get them in the proper hands and on the way to folks fighting for their lives!

See, a group of Kalamazoo Area knitters can whip up some shawls (if you need some yarn, contact me, I can score you some for a charity project-I got connections)

THEN-at a predetermined date we can get together and travel up to Threadbear in Lansing as a Zombie Fight/Knitting for the Cure sort of Peace and Love thing and deliver our shawls en masse.

So, you in? I mean, really, it's not like I've got anything else going. You know, raising Pigs, fighting zombies, knitting love and snot into every stitch of a shawl, oh, then there's Hat Attack, and the whole exercise thing, developing a better means of time travel, the list goes on and on.

But, really, if I suddenly developed cancer, I'd feel extreme cheer if someone knit me a barf green and orange snuggle love shawl. So, let's knit and pick a date for road trip! Who's with me!!!


tracyb said...

I'm in depending on the date. I'll knit a shawl no matter what, I'll just mail it if I'm already up north. Let me know though, because I'd love to meet the zombie prom date knitters!

Kristina B said...

Road trip!!!! Man, I wish I lived in the US. (never, ever thought I'd say that!!!)

Holly Bee said...

Haha! I am tricking you into love for the US! Maybe I should become a Diplomat! It will be me and Angelina Jolie saving the world...

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Road trip, road trip, ROAD TRIP!!!

Wait...does this involve machine washable acrylic? *sad face*

FYI- the secret word is "oruaca"