Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Zombies, Just, well...

Dear Friends,

I know you have been worried. Worried that I have been attacked by a zombie and am a brain hungry member of the horde. Don't listen to the rumors! They're not true! Although I have been holed up at home, it's been for another reason...

Ok, bad fashion was part of it.

Home improvement was most of it.

Ah, good times.

What else has been going on? Well, knitting of course!

That Briar Rose Retro Sweater...done!

Hey! They were featured as Fave Fiber yesterday in the Stitch N' Bitch Calendar yesterday for Tuscany. What is Tuscany you ask? Why it just happens to be the very fiber I used to make this lovely cardi. It's 80% wool, 20% flax, and totally bee-utiful! Go, buy, shop.

Now, what to knit? Oh, that's right, your destruction! I'm working on my gauge for my Hat Attack hat. Which works out great for charity...

Gauge swatch=Hat=hat for charity=BRILLIANT!

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Chris said...

Holly.......your sweater looks just awesome on you!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!

Kristina B said...

The sweater looks absolutely fab. The home renos seem to be going along quite well as well...


Holly Bee said...

Chris!! Thanks for making such awesome yarn!!! I looooved working with it! The pattern was sweet, easy, and I loved that too!

KB! Thanks for the sweater love too!

Plus the nod to the home renos...I think you would approve of the colors...they didn't photo as loud as they actually are.

But the top of the wall is TEAL, the bottom is OLIVE, there is going to be a middle stripe in YELLOW, and then some NAVY and BROWN just for fun.

Plus EINSTEIN, CURIE and PAVLOV for that scientific twist.