Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mini update...

Ok, I've been honestly doing like 4 things at once. I have multiple injuries, and it's suspected that I have bronchitis or the plague, but I CAN NOT STOP!!!! My life actually depends on one of the things I am working on...Hat Attack.

So, here's a quick run down of what's been going on....

1. Scrapbooking

2. Replanning the Michigan Education System-start with Public Preschool at 3-4, graduate kids at 16, put graduated kids in Community College or Vocational school, then work force or University. All state funded.

3. Hallucinations due to upper respiratory infection and/or paint fumes.

4. Painting basement.

5. Hoping family won't die driving through freaking blizzard #47 going to a Grange meeting.

6. Knitting "Spring into Death" for Hat Attack.

7. Realizing weight gain is a good thing since house cannot get warmer than 62 degrees due to Artic Wind. Considering legwarmers as good fashion sense.

8. Must set up date for ROAD TRIP to THREADBEAR for shawl drop off. I'm thinking Sunday March 16th.

Will post pictures of madness if we make it through most recent bout of SNOW MADNESS.


Carina said...

I had some odd visions with the flu last week. If you've got a high fever, that's likely it. That means fluids and rest. I'm still coughing from mine, so it takes awhile to get over. Ugh.

This wind is something else, eh? It's just going right through all our windows. I'm thinking of starting a fire but worried about smoke being blown back down the chimney. Thank goodness for all those blankets I bought.

Keep warm today. Rest! Put the paintbrush down, and back away slowly!

Holly Bee said...

No rest for the wicked! I must finish the basement! Global warming will cease, and Robert Kennedy Jr will bring Daniel Craig over to eat at my place if I can only perfectly paint the basement...Plus, if I sit still I may freeze to death.

Kristina B said...

That is quite the list, Holly. And I thought *I* was busy. :)

Did you ever see that video clip of Daniel Craig with Catherine Tait? I think I posted the link on the blog but am too vicariously exhausted having read about all your tasks to go and check. If not, here it is: Daniel Craig in love? All that to say, he strikes me as the type of guy who doesn't care if the basement is painted...

Off to inhale some paint...


Kristina B said...


(love Madness!!!)

tracyb said...

The wind is so crazy up here in Alpena, I swear it looks like those nature programs about frozen tundras in the Wal-Mart parking lot! I'm afraid to drive! But that's ok cuz I'm still knitting on my hat even though I know my assassin is sending mine in the mail TOMORROW!

Kristina B said...

Tracy: we have a wind warning etc up here in Toronto... I have not dared open the window!

Where is Alpena by the way? I found it on a map... but am geographically challenged. Is it close to Detroit? Or Grand Rapids? (both of where I have been... have also been to the southwest part of MI to the Womyn's Music Festival... can't tell you where it is except that it took 10 hours to get there from Toronto and about 3 hours west of Grand Rapids).

Anyway... good for you for soldiering on with the hat!! Wishing you all the best... and thanks for visiting the blog!

Anonymous said...

This trip to CA, although well timed, is really F-ing things up for me with the ZPDK. I would totally go to Threadbare and totally do the shawl thing, but here I am 3000 miles away, with no hubby to help with the little one, btw, until March 15th, at which time we fly back into Chicago (Jet Blue is the cheapest, and most comfortable airline so driving to Chicago instead of Detroit to fly is SO worth it) at 10 at night. Just don't see being back in "the zoo" in time for a road trip. Keep me updated, though. If you change the date, I'm there!!! Love you all!

dee's brother said...

A little breezy here yesterday also. At one point I actually had to tie the curtains back because the 78 degree breeze was blowing them around to much. With all the windows open during the day...I did note a slight hint of humidity in the house. Since I felt the need to appreciate my friends in Michigan, I made the ultimate sacrifice....yep...I closed the windows and turned the A/C on.

Holly Bee said...

Oh Dee's Brother! May the Insurance Gods Smite You with a move to the harsh frozen Tundra of Alaska.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Oh. No. NOT THE PLAGUE! My deepest sympathies. :-(

And...oh, come's probably warmer at your place than it was at Shellies that one fateful night. Suck it up. You're can do this!

Tracyb, omg, I was at Walmart yesterday and said exactly the same thing--frozen tundra. Are we related? Are our Walmarts related?

Shannwawa, I forgot to call you. I bet it's warm there. Bitch.

Dee's brother, I see she didn't hit you hard enough with that space heater. Damn it.

Holly, you don't mind if I use your blog to keep in touch with all my peeps, right?

Holly Bee said...

twin/spin-your peeps are my peeps

My blog is your blog,BFF! Wait, you gave me the plague...but I have your harmony needle, so BFF it is!

As for the heat of my house: Hell has no depths as cold as Shelly's freaking homestead before Petey moved in.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

I did NOT give you THE PLAGUE! Don't you remember how I suffered alone? Stayed away from ZPDK so as not to bring all the zombie slayers down--leaving the world a safer place?

Yeah, so I was in bed sucking tea and cough drops. Same difference.

Free the Harmony! FREE THE HARMONY!

(omg, I have chocolate pudding, chocolate chips and dried cherries and it's a snow day and I can make Zombie Bread...WOO HOO!)

(f-ing secret word did not load so I had to copy this, reload, paste and then I couldn't decide if the second letter was "U" or "V" wasn't "U"...dammit)