Thursday, February 14, 2008

I got me a Looooow Rider

I've been trying to help with or set up all these good charity things, and you know I've got the SNOW MADNESS real bad. So the one thing I've been looking forward to was the Wednesday Night Zombie Prom Date Knitters-February Edition. I was especially looking forward to hanging with that rag tag group of knitters I roll with because, well, I haven't left the house since Friday.

Ok, that's sort of a lie. I did shovel out the 3 foot drift so I could take the Pigs to a Dr appt on Tues.

Ear infections, flu. They didn't complain at all. The only reason I took them to the Dr was because they kept taking naps, which is unnatural in our house.

Now people keep asking me "Is the Mazda 5 good in the snow?" I don't really know how to answer that. Do you think a front wheel drive car is good in the snow? Or do you think a 4 wheel drive vehicle is better in the snow? Because I think the answer is in yourself.

Really. The Mazda 5 drives exactly like any other front wheel drive car does in the snow. I would say it drives most like a Ford Focus in the snow, since it shares the same wheel base.

That being said, I managed to drive around for about an hour in complete crap conditions on ice, snow, blah, blah, Michigan crap, with two sick kids, with out incident. Then completely get the ol' girl stuck in the drive way because the Mazda 5 is really a bit of a loooow rider. Que the dit-dit-dit-dit-dit...di-di-di-dit-di All my friends know the low rider....

So what the hell happened to me last night???? Was it zombies? Was I stuck in a snow bank with Betty the Low Rider? No, I was saving the world from another plague...influenza A my friends, influena A.

I got called into work. I work at a small lab, see, only 3 techs see, they'd cover for me, see.

Now, the next time you go to get some lab work done, and you hear somebody complaining about "those lab people" remember me, tell them my story...RUDY, RUDY, RUDY!


Carina said...

We missed you! We even had a new member, and had good food, though the music was loud. Too loud. Ugh. And smoky.

Still, we missed you. Thanks for saving the world, though.b

Knit and fall back in it said...

Does that you mean you didn;t get to do any drunken knitting? That sucks.

Holly Bee said...

No beer, no drinky, just a 5 gallon tub of poop.

I love being a lab tech!