Thursday, February 21, 2008

Elmo causes insanity shoe buying

You know the kid in the Christmas Story? No, not that Christmas story. The one who wants a"an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock..." You know the "you'll shoot your eye" movie.

We'll Pig 3 had a similar desire last year. Not for a gun though, a Pizza Elmo. It won't shoot your eye out, but it will get a certain song caught in your head.

What does Pig 3 like to do most? Set Pizza Elmo up against Chicken Dance Elmo and let them battle to the death.

This leads me to online shopping and dreaming of getting out of the house.

Ah, a sweet new note book to list, plan and organize summer outings in. Those Circa Notebooks from Levenger may be pricey, but they are totally rocker!

You can organize, reorganize, and swap stuff out with other notebooks. They also have starter kits to see if you like the system. That's the route I took. They used the drug dealer method, "ooh, here's some you can try for free ($10), you know where you can find me."

Look, shoes to wear while going on Team B outings that I have planned ahead in the sort of warm comfort of my home in my awesome list filled notebook! All ordered while listening to Pizza Song vs. Chicken Dance.

Now on to Cyrus' first Art Exhibit! Check your local YMCA, they offer more than just evil Military Trained Pilates instructors. Ours offered a family art class....

Cy with his collage "Winter" and his painting "Floody Night."

Being the true artiste that he is.

Now for knitting-The pocket is started for square 2 for Briar Rose Hope Lodge Project.

The Charlie Brown Shawl is going to be frogged and started again on larger needles. Why Charlie Brown, why larger needles? Ok, it's nearly Charlie Brown colors and most of my projects end of getting named something ridicules so it fit. As for the larger needles, well, times starting to get away from me.


lora said...

You EVIL, EVIL woman! Here I am sitting home in the middle of an ice storm craving Papa Johns Hawaiin Chicken BBQ pizza. To be fair...I am the one who chose to click the link and sing along.

Kristina B said...

Can I have the Pizza Elmo?!? (I don't want the song though. I didn't even click the link. I don't need ANY MORE SONGS going through my brain).

Man - and I thought *I* had cabin fever!

Lora, am craving a Papa Johns pizza even though I've never had one (they don't have that chain where I live. I'm partial to greasy Pizza Hut myself, though).

Kristina B said...

PS saw this in the new Craft mag and thought of you: new craft for the Pigs?

Plush Monsters

Knit and fall back in it said...

Which Elmo do you think would win in a street fight?

I don't know, but I think you have a young artist in the making there.

Carina said...

His work is really strong, as my mom would say. Has he tried clay? I wonder if he'd like sculpture, too.

Oh, and I am now Girl Scout cookie crazy, btw. There's snow madness followed by cookie madness. Anna has to sell 175 boxes. Seriously. Ugh.

Kristina B said...

Carina, any of the mint choco ones? If so, I can take 50 or so off your hands :-)

Carina said...

Thin Mints? Oh my, yes. Hubby said he wanted 50 boxes, but I talked him down. I'll still have to hide them around the house so he doesn't snarf them down in one sitting. ;-) They're a particular weakness of his.

Holly Bee said...

Pizza Elmo carries a pizza cutter! Plus he's a Jet!

Chicken Elmo is a floor humper.

I need me some GSC's

tracyb said...

Cyrus seems to have inherited his mother's talent for the dramatic pose! Cute. My kid used to have a Barney that talked (he's sixteen now and loves to be reminded of this:))Anyway, it got stashed in a closet at some point and when the batteries wore out, it started talking All By Itself! Scared the crap out of me. Your elmo story reminded me of that!

Holly Bee said...

If Elmo starts talking by it's self, it will be hit with a shovel. That crap creeps me out!!

Yes, Pig 2 has the dramatic pose down!