Friday, February 29, 2008

Cancer Capes, AHOY!!!!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters weren't just whistling dixie about the whole Cancer Cape Drive! Oh no ye of little faith, we've been knitting to town!!!

Marty gets the place of honor with the first completed cape!

Spinsanity knits with love, and proves it with hearts. I tried this blue lovely on and wanted to keep it. Not get cancer to get it, just keep it because it was so cozy.

Ok, mine is a bit small, but I have been working. That's my lame excuse. Note the swanky scrubs.

Alice is using regular variegated yarn, but look how cool that's turning out!! It's argyle! The healing power of yarn...

Mono Loco went loco and pulled out the hook! She got more done on Thursday than all us knitters put together. I will be crocheting my next cape...

Watch out Threadbear, we're coming well armed! We'll see you March 16th!!!!!

Meet us there!!!

Threadbear Fiber Arts
319 S Waverly Rd
Lansing, MI 48917-3615

When?? Sunday March 16th at NOON!

Why? To drop off a Cancer Cape (Prayer Shawl) for the Hope Lodge.

But why in Lansing when the Hope Lodge is in Grand Rapids? Because Threadbear is a drop off location for shawls/capes and it's a yarn shop and a way for knitters/crocheters to fight

After Party (Dinner)-Midori Sushi & Korean BBQ recommended by the Owners of Threadbear 436 Elmwood Rd
Lansing, MI 48917
Phone: (517) 323-7991


Kristina B said...

Wonderful shawls! I can see why you wanted to keep the blue one...

tracyb said...

Those are gorgeous. I really wish I lived over there so I could knit with you all! Oh well, I'm knitting with you via the internet. Still kinda cool!

Carina said...

And I cast on for a new sweater vest for myself. Eep! I'm a total loser. I promise I'll figure out something. Maybe crochet with a huge hook is the way to go.

Carina said...

I started a crochet one last night. I hope I'll get it done in time.

Knit and fall back in it said...

My goodness, you fight zombies, fight cancer, chase pigs and keep the ogre happy...where do you find the energy? You are a Supermom if ever there was one.

Holly Bee said...

Oh Carina!!! Sometimes you need to knit for yourself too!!!

I see you bowed down to all the peer pressure!!! Hope the rib starts to feeling better! Vitamin D up!!