Friday, February 01, 2008

7 famous things-sort of

Here are the rules:
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-Post the rules on your blog.
-Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met. Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.
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I was tagged by tracyb ! I will do my best...I'm like a boy scout!

Famousy Famous, huh?

1. I saw Mork from Ork himself step out of a Hummer in San Fransisco circa 1994. I did not choose to harass him because he was being swamped by people, and he was trying to go to lunch, and I thought that was lame.

2. I stood momentarily by Chris Cornell who was at the time with Soundgarden, during the Jim Rose Circus at Lollapalooza. I got grossed out early and had to go talk to some bushes. But he was lovely, up until he went on stage and drank beer from someone else's stomach.

3. Mac of Merge, Superchunk, and Portastatic fame, was talking to me and possibly hitting on me, and I was too dense to realize, and I was all "I just want to buy a t shirt." I'm going to go cry now.

4. I met Tesla, the band, not the inventor cool guy, just the band. That's 5 Man Acoustical Jam, so I am actually above 7, I can quit now!

5. Holly Cole-She called the boy I was dating at the time the Artful Dodger, as if he wasn't already smitten with her..."oooh singer girl reads and called me the Artful Dodger." Gag-Barf. But the show was really great, and she was right, the late show, is the best show.

Ok, to round out the 7 list, here are weird things.
6. I would like to meet Stan Lee!

He made that Stripperella cartoon comic for Pamela Anderson, I think he can make a Zombie comic for me. Yes, I'm a little bitter about that one.

7. Super awesome things are going to happen! My glasses aren't just rose tinted, they're magenta orange day glow tinted. Yes, I realize Polly-freaking-Anna ended up bitter and paralyzed, that's why I knit, to help with the anger issues.

Soo, those are my famous people experiences, and my weird things. Yep, that's about it. Boring, weird, but done.

Any takers....


Kristina B said...

Mork?! I am in awe.

May endeavour this one myself. Check out the blog tomorrow - although my list would be far more boring than yours - quelle surprise!

sarah lou said...

so, how silly is it that i think that i could do the famous people one in a flash, but after months of trying to drop in 7 weird things about me throughout my posts - i'm only at, like, three...?

i think it just means i feel like my weird things are all just out there, and unhidden, so why would i need to tell the world?

Carina said...

Seriously, Mork?! I had almost every line from that show memorized as a kid. Wait, would that make me weird?

kristinknits said...

It IS totally lame that Mork wanted to go to lunch. ; ) Or at least that's how I read it.

Angela said...

Great to meet you at dinner Saturday night. Noticed your flickr id included "Superchunk." Jon Wurster and I were friends in high school. Very talented, funny, smart guy. (Now I feel a little bit blog-stalker-ish...)