Friday, January 04, 2008

ZPDKnitters We Knit Even While it Snows

Zombie Prom Date Knitters, yes, it was this Thursday at Water Street Coffee Joint too (the one at the Oakwood Plaza.) This happens much to the pain and agony of the other patrons. We're sort of a wild bunch.

With questionable fashion sense...

But if you had to go out in this sort of weather

You too would wear bright colored hand knits. Other good things about bright multicolored hand knits

1. Wards off the dreaded SNOW MADNESS
2. If you get lost in a blizzard you would be more likely to be found
3. Your Pigs can spot you in the sea of winter parkas
4. Multi colors confuse zombies, especially if you run in a zigzag pattern

A fun time was had by all! Plus we met the patient studying guy!!! His name is the same as Pig 2! How rocker is that! I will be knitting him a hat, in theory this weekend. We will see if that really happens.

A Michigan Pig after 5 minutes of forced outdoor play.

It took 15 minutes to get him dressed to go out.

Did you know we get a letter from the State of Michigan upon the birth of each child requiring us to take our children out into the snow for a half an hour each day so that they will be accustomed to the cold weather? It's a Lie! Not true.

I send them outside each day for as long as they can stand it though. Snow is awesome when you are little, they need to enjoy it while it's still magic. That's from someone who gets snow madness really early in the year.

Note to Grownups with and without kids Some things are magic and you may have either forgotten about it or gotten too old to notice, so don't ruin it for someone else. Thanks.

Speaking of magic, I was also recently notified of a very brilliant knitter in the UK and instantly fell in love with her work. So much so that I added her to my hero list.

My Hero List

1. Albert Einstein-Hella Good Knitter, plus all that science stuff.

2. Groucho Marx-Dead Sexy, smart as hell.

3. Stan Lee-Hello, if anyone has been to an alternate universe it's Stan! Stan is God among ants.

4. Cakeyvoice
Just check it out, it's got to do with knitting, and zombies. How can that be wrong?

Looking at my list, I normally like smartly dressed older men, so Cakeyvoice, you fly with an elite crowd.


tracyb said...

Oh my gosh, she knitted little zombies! The snow thing, with the kids? I get it. My nine year old played outside for at least an hour, of course, she came in every five minutes to say someone was throwing snowballs at her, but the look of pure joy on her face as she threw snow in the air around her, was priceless. I wish I were a better photographer.

Holly Bee said...

Crazy eh? Knitted zombies and people being et? Oh the magic! She does all that and I'm still working on my one Dread Pirate Sam...

The snow! Ah, I love and hate it. It's beautiful, it's slidey, it's freaking cold.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Oh. My. The nurse zombie with the crazy hair is the bestest zombie ever!

Patient study guy??

Holly Bee said...

Ah, patient study guy may have fooled you with his quiet ways and steadfast tolerance.

He is the guy who is often at the table with his lap top silently wishing us and all knitters to die so he could work on his studies in peace.

I'll introduce you so he can hate you with your proper name too. He's actually super nice, and patient and studious.

Matt Church said...

How about creating an "under 30 and averagely dressed" hero category? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.