Sunday, January 06, 2008

Zombie Friendship Bread, and Basement Building

As a good friend, and someone who likes to share, I recently handed out some Amish, I mean Zombie Friendship Bread, and here are some of the comments I got about the stuff...

"Good f***ing hell, where are you when I'm having a zombie bread crisis???
You give me this pet-thing and I try to cheat a little by not feeding it quite as much as you tell me to so I don't have to pull out bags and bags of this shit to force on people walking down the street (because we all know the only friends I have are the ones you've already given this crap to) and then...and then...I can't figure out how much of this crap I need to scoop out to make the damn batter. Make me do my own research, whydonchaya? Sheesh. "

So I respond with...

Oh boy, it's just rotting sour dough, it's really forgiving, Carina even uses soy milk.

Hey! Give some to Carina. I swear, she's yours.
Then just do 1/2 batches.

Seee, I'm here for you...

What this is all coming to is this, I passed off my 3 bags of Zombie Friendship bread onto unsuspecting friends on December 27th. I even wrote on the bags that Day 6 was Jan 1. That was a reminder to add "stuff." I was even so nice as to write on the bag that Bake Day was Jan 5.

Ok, I wasn't being nice. I wrote that stuff on all the bags because I didn't know which bag I would keep and I didn't want to forget which day I was supposed to do stuff. But since I have a hard time keeping track of things. Like where I left my Pigs. Have you seen Pig 3? I know I set him down somewhere safe.

Seems like I set him somewhere high so he wouldn't be in the way of the construction guys.

PA Construction guys to be prescise. Dadada...

But you may have noticed in some of the above photos the high amount of CLUTTER in the above photos. Go ahead, take another look. Mock my house keeping, say I'm on the computer too much, say I knit too often. I'll find you break your arm off and use it as zombie bait if you do.

IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THE RUDDY CONSTRUCTION. Ok, and because we have/had too much crap in the basement. Now said crap has been barfed all over the rest of the house.

Between the Basement Barf and Snow Madness I have been having a bit of a hard time find things...Like where are Pigs 2 and 3? I made candy...

Questionable outfits aplenty, yep! I can't get to the washer and dryer because of the high volume of toys all around. Why? I can't find the snow shovel I use to clean the living room with. Don't worry, Bessie the Zombie Stopper's safe in the garage.

That orange scarf I'm wearing? It's my briar rose sweater I'm working on. Can't find the rest of the yarn.

Here are the rest of the comments from Spinsanity/Twinsanity

One cup of fermenting crap and cheesecake pudding rather than vanilla worked just fine. *burp*

Kazoo Shannon is mine, all mine!
Since I cheated (only 1/2 cups for the last feeding instead of 1 1/2 cups), I'm not sure I have enough for Carina.

I really just wanted to hear your voice on the phone. ;-)

Phone? Phone? I'd like to hear my voice on the phone too! I don't know where the heck that thing is.

Somehow by completely emptying out the basement, the portal to the alternate dimension got all screwed up and came upstairs. This not only messed up the flow of my chi, fashion, good times, and but also my rum supply.

Help me Alton Brown, you're my only hope!


tracyb said...

I love how the Briar Rose yarn looks all knitted up. Pretty colors. My house is cluttered too. And I've stopped caring. Too much knitting to do. I use sound to locate the children. Mine are never quiet for long!

Carina said...

Yeah, where is my zombie friendship bread stuff, huh, huh? I want some! I read that it freezes great for when you need to bake up more for bake sales and such. That's what I'm planning on. :)

Oh, and for the clutter, it's temporary, right? So, it doesn't count. Like sock yarn doesn't count in the stash. Same thing.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Clutter is temporary? Really?!? Hmmm...define "temporary." Seven years? Ten years?

Hey, Carina. I'm on...the day after baking day...on which I added 1/3 as much foodstuffs as intructed. And maybe didn't take out as much as I should have. If I pretend this is Day 2, and I add more foodstuffs on pretend Day 5, I could probably snag you a cup. And you can pretend it's any damn day you want it to be. Cuz me and Holly don't care. We're easy like that. :-)

I'm gonna throw some punkin in with the cheesecake pudding next time.

Shelly said...

HEY!I want some zombie bread I going to have to drive to Kalamazoo?? You should bring the Pigs to Toledo for a Zoo trip. On second thought, leave the Pigs and come help me bust my basment clutter, and I'll do the same for you someday!

Kristina B said...

Where'd you get the pic of Alton? I find him alternatively endearing and irritating - but have only really seen him on Iron Chef America.

Love the craft object on the Dimension and also the scarf collar above!

I like your explanation re. clutter. Will have to get some construction workers in. My excuse - the plaster came off the wall in the 2nd bedroom, necessitating big reshuffling. This took place approx 11 months ago if I remember (although it feels like yesterday).

Re. international snack food - yes, it hardly seems fair! This from two countries with combined total landmass of probably 100th of North America and far less population as well!

Will stop rambling. Really want to read the rest of your blog but them I'll never get to work!


Matt Church said...

What perfect candy treats! Look delicious!