Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Writers Strike

So, the Writers Strike got you down?

Well, the Ogre and I have a fun new game! We call it "there's nothing good on TV, let's make mixed drinks!"

Now the Ogre had the inspiration to make a "Stoned Ivan." Something about rum, vodka, and a bunch of girly drink additions.

I went more old school alcoholic. Mostly because Mr. Ogre had all the good stuff in the kitchen on his side of the island.

"You made it, you drink it, thems the rules."

Sadly I said that before I saw what I threw into my cup winning it the title
"World's Dirtiest Martini"

Yeah, that ain't good drinks. Cooking, drink making is something I can't do, shouldn't do, and well, I again just have to stick to things I can do. Here's my friend Mike.

If I die from the nasty drink I made, please follow the instructions on the side of the bowl and bake on the 24th. Please feed the Pigs too.

Please end the Writers Strike! Stop this kind of crazy! Hand feed me my entertainment, don't let me kill my brain cells on my own.

Hey, anyone want to Picket with me? I'm thinking I'll throw my Support the Writers Guild Strike sign in the back of the car along with my Peace sign. OOOOHHH! I'll take my signs to the mall! Maybe my Mall Walkers will think I write smut too!


Kristina B said...

I'm there!!!! We could even start a reality show and hire striking writers to script it. Who can hold out the longest on strike pay?

Matt Church said...

I've never seen the Ogre so HAPPY! YAY for striking writers!

Holly Bee said...

See drinking games aren't just good for liver donors...

Carina said...

Ugh. That looked nasty. Aren't martinis supposed to be pretty with some twist of something? Can you tell that all I know about martinis I learned from Sex in the City? *blush*

tracyb said...

I just have to say that your pigs look so much like the ogre! (except for the blonde hair)