Thursday, January 31, 2008

Recycling AHOY!! Energy Savings, Oh, Hell...Knitting

Ah, sweet, sweet Recycling! I just got the updated recycling program for the year. It says that I can now recycle plastics #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, & #7. I sat down and wept. It was like a recycling miracle! Before I only had 1,2, and 5.

Now, Mono Loco, yes, you do know about the incident. The time I flipped out, and uh, well, had a moment of we'll call "refrigerator cleaning." But I feel really crappy about it and I took a whole bunch of stuff out to the compost as a means of penance. I think my soul is clean. My hands are still frozen, but the soul, it's shiny.

Haz Mat Team!

Speaking of awesome, if you have Hazardous Waste to get rid of in Kalamazoo County it's open 3 times a week, and the 2nd Sat of the month...more info. Check your area for oil paint, battery, creepy household cleaners and lawn chemical disposal etc.

Now knitting...

Briar Rose Fibers Retro Sweater Cardigan...Mostly done. No photos until done. I know, your thinking, "I will never see photos of that Orange monstrosity again...thank my luck zombie killin' shovel." Two days I tell you! Two days! Ok, maybe three.

Draft dodger pattern that I said I was going to work on yesterday? Didn't happen. Due to Pajamas-Inside-Out, Spoon-Under-the-Pillow-Snow-Day Ritual induced Blizzard.

Yes, we spent a lot of time playing Hullabaloo. Highly recommend. Great warmer upper, especially if you tend to keep the house temp at just warm enough to keep pipes from freezing.

We also painted, played with play-doh*, ate taquitos, pizza rolls, and any other frozen food item that required to first be baked and then be dipped in sour cream. I was far too busy to figure out the actual number of stitches it takes for an actual pattern for a draft dodger. So I fall back on my original snarky DIY version. You'll feel better about yourself that you did it your play some Sinatra and have a Martini.

Knitted Door Draft
Knit a really long sweater sleeve in the round, your choice of yarn and color-see Elizabeth Zimmermann for inspiration, she's a God. Stuff with, rice, polyfil, cherry pits, anything you've got lying around. Sew up ends. Put by door. Save money, the environment and maybe the world.

So, saving energy. What can you do? Although my pattern for a knitted Door Draft may have been a bit snarky, it really works. You know you have yarn either left over from a project, or something you just won't use, but hate to get rid of. Knit it up, fill it up and block those drafts.
Just make sure you use needles a bit smaller than the recommended to get a nice tight fabric.

What else can you do to save energy, knit, and stay warm? Well, don't knit socks, they aren't big enough to keep you warm!

Now is the time to switch over to large projects. Like, say, an Ogre sweater. If I were to knit a sweater for a 25 stone Ogre, I would have two afghans worth of knitting on my lap and could turn the furnace down 5 degrees.

I think there is some sort of knitting to energy savings conversion chart I need to develop in that.


Kristina B said...

Congratulations, Holly, on the additional recycling. And - I think you're right re. big sweater/heat savings potential. You should lobby your government to start a rebate programme for knitters...

Thanks for the door draft idea. JJ has been pestering me for one for the past two winters and I have said "yeah, yeah" and then forgotten after a trip to the LYS. So - maybe this weekend he'll get one. Lord knows there's enough < recyclables lying around the apartment...

Carina said...

I'm so jealous! I can't recycle anything but #1 and #2 (haha). Maybe we'll get that letter, too.

tracyb said...

Holly I hope you don't mind, I tagged you! Read my blog from today - 1/31