Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, I am gonna knit that

You see, I am saying "Oh, I am gonna knit that." Because I have to use up my stash. Which implies that I will finish...

The Dreaded Dread Pirate Sam

Actually Crochet, but in the stash, and needing finished, so, you know, here on the list of stuff.

Oh, that Tulip Sweater that you thought I finished? That one was Carina's. Mine is mostly a vest. Yeah, I have a sleeve yet to go. I have decided, top down rocks, stripes suck.

Garden Gate Scarf? The gate is done, flowers? I have f-l-o-w-e-r. I am such a lame turd. A quiter, or actually, a starter. I'm still wearing it.

Uh, my Briar Rose Sweater? I am knitting the hell out of that. Oh, yeah.

Wait. Where are the pictures for this post? I am too darn busy knitting to find the photos that go with the whining.


Kristina B said...

Keep up the good work, knitting the hell out of everything, Holly. And I really liked Carina's sweater too ;-)

Looking forward to pictures when you manage to put down the knitting needles. Alternatively, send the photo card to my workplace and I'll upload them for you on my break. LOL

Carina said...

I've got more UFOs than you do. Mwah! Luv ya! Maybe I should get crackin' on those . . .