Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year of Knitting and Zombies

I was excited, it was a new year, there was 6 inches of snow, and I hadn't seen a zombie in days. With cheer in my heart and Briar Rose Fiber in my bag, I loaded my self and three days worth of supplies into the Ogre's snow worthy vehicle.

Sure I was only working a 10-6 shift at the lab, but you never know what will happen if a bad case of SNOW MADNESS hits. Hello, experienced, read, seen, or heard of The Shining? Yeah, I packed my shovel.

(There is much more to this, but I have to go find my car, it's buried in the snow and like 10 feet of zombie parts)


Carina said...

You guys don't have a snow day? We do, not that they told anyone about it. I didn't know until we drove up to the school and read the sign on the door.

Btw, that yarn's looking gorgeous all knitted up! I can't wait to see it tomorrow in real life!

kristinknits said...

I love snowy days. I didn't spend mine knitting. But I did stay in my PJs all day and we baked yummy cookies. Oh, and I drank a left over Mexi-Coke!