Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I will never stop making baby sweaters...

Dear *Breeders,

I know that I knit really awesome baby sweaters, but really, did you have to all get knocked up at the same time? I don't knit that fast, I'm easily distracted, and really, I'd like to stop making baby swag for a bit.

Why? I mean really, I should thank you. I get rid of old yarn in my stash, I can unload the clothes that manage to make it through the Pigs. But the real problem is, people keep asking if I'm in the breeding mode again. Which makes me wonder, is my ass getting fat again?

*Please note, I do in fact have 3 children. But I did at least take 4 years to have them. Ah, I bet this is a bit of that whole karma thing biting me in my fat ass.


Mono loco said...

BTW - Millie has pretty much grown out of her baby jacket and needs a "toddler" coat...

;) (Just a joke - please don't kill me)

P.S. Your butt is itty bitty!! It's more like a "but" than a "butt"!!

Holly Bee said...

My Mono Loco, you are up early today!

I think Millie does need a toddler jacket, but I'll make her a lap robe instead.

Auntie Shotgun Nellie

Kristina B said...

Your ass is most definitely NOT fat.

And - I am perhaps the one friend you can rely on never to have babies. Ever. I mean it. So - you will just have to stick to full-sized sweaters for me. ;-)