Thursday, January 24, 2008

Go Make Love, Change a Light Bulb, Save the World

It's really just the SNOW MADNESS talking, I got nothing today. I can't even say "I casted on this great new project!" or "my Briar Rose Cardi is almost done!" or anything like that.

Why? Dare you ask?

I keep thinking I'm done, done with that darn Tulip sweater, and I keep finding more ends. I will never Knit Stripes Again! Unless it's the White Stripes

and then Jack White better throw in both Meg and his new wife...CONQUEST!

Ok, now change a light bulb. As I knit, sit, in the dark here you may go, eh, has the

SNOW MADNESS really taken hold?! Should we send out a team of huskies to save her and the Pigs? (Note you aren't worried about the Ogre. He's an Ogre and you figure his kind have book Pitch Forks and Torches-The Ogres Plight he'll survive most anything.)

No, it's not the SNOW MADNESS this time. I just got my latest issue of other Earth News and I got my bi-monthly doses of....

HOLY CRAP! i-have-three-pigs-and-i-have-to-make-the-world-a-better-place-for-them-to-live-in-because-we-still-haven't-invented-freaking-hoover-cars!!!!!!

Or what the Ogre likes to call "Holly's redoubled efforts toward meat free eating and time to do home improvement projects"...and then "ooooh, is that a heirloom tomato seed catalog ad I see in there..."

So, for cheap easy fun in the home improvement realm go see the Mother Ship...

Wait, I was thinking about Robert Plant's trousers again! No kitchen dirty dancing. Probably I should stear clear of Parliment too. Because really, when I think of the Mother Ship, I think of George Clinton.

8 Easy Projects for Instant Energy Savings...Really, Change a light bulb, Save the World!

And you thought I could never make that title work!


Carina said...

I keep thinking of getting that magazine. It would go well with our Bitch, The Nation, and Utne collection, right? *giggle* Just don't tell my mother-in-law!

Kristina B said...

Now those records were real blasts from the past!!!!!

Mono Loco said...

Speaking of White Stripes...

Just when you were thinking of taking cakeyvoice off of your demigod list -- she strikes with the knitted White Stripes!!


Her genius doesn't stop with the knitted undead!

Holly Bee said...

No, no! Cakeyvoice is totally on my demigod list!! It's just she sticks out like a weirdly knitted thumb since she is not an old dead dude...SHE TOTALLY ROCKS!