Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fight the MAN, Vote!

So I found myself in a not so pleasant situation, surrounded by, well, we won't use the word ignorance, because they did show up to learn. Why did people need to learn? Because the State of Michigan tried to do something cool...

Our state moved up the date of our primary so we could be more important, you know, like New Hampshire, and Iowa. Instead, moving up our primary, pissed off the party leaders and now it's a big mess.

So people are confused...

But I'm not, I

That's right, I listen to NPR. If you need unbiased news, straight talk, and a world view-hey they pump in the BBC! listen to NPR!

But for now, here are some important tips for voting on Tuesday, be ye Democrat, Green, Republican, or Uncommited. (I did that in alphabetacal order so as to be unbiased. Actually, for Tuesdays voting, you sort of have to take a stand, so I'll get to that in a minute...)

Ok, in Michigan on January, whatever, this Tuesday...WHEN YOU VOTE...because wars are fought for rights, and isn't it a right to vote? Whatever. Peace now.

Ok, back to the voting...

Michigan voting, they are going to want to see...

1. Your ID

MI drivers Liscence, MI ID Card, US passport, military id with photo, school/college id with photo, personal id card from another state. Or sign an affidavit attesting that you do not have photo id. visit for more info

2. You will have to pick a Democrat or Republican ballot. Don't be pissed. It's the way it is. I warned you a head of time. It's not for president, it's for the primary, don't fret.

All the Republicans that are running are on the ballot.

Not all the Democrats are on the ballot.

3. Write ins will not be accepted and invalidate your whole ballot. So, if your favorite candidate isn't there (uh, eh, on the Dem side) just mark "Uncommitted."

Way to go Dems, you really thought that one through. Or way to go Michigan you really thought that one through. Either way, the State of Michigan looks all hillbilly again. Which is funny, because we have nary a hill in sight.

4. This is also a LOCAL issues vote for several areas.

Please go vote. Just go vote. It's good for you. Be part of the system. Think of it as your own little way of sticking it to the MAN. Why? The MAN, he doesn't expect you to vote, he pretty much counts on you not voting. So go vote.

Helpful info: ok, I like to knit


Carina said...

This whole primary thing has me all upset. Stupid Levin and the DLC. Grrr!

Still, yes, we need to vote!

tracyb said...

Go Holly! I think people need to know to vote uncommitted. Our votes can still count even though the legislators in Michigan had to go and be all silly. Power to the People!

Kristina B said...

NPR rawks!!!

Sounds like a real screw-up... but great message on your part. It's important to vote. I always say "if you don't vote, you can't complain". LOL

wendy said...

Ok...this is totally not related but I saw this, , today and couldn't help but think of you. Oh, wait when you really think about it it is related. lol.

Barbara said...

It seems to me that between the Democratic party and your state government, Michigan voters have been sort of squashed in the middle. From the outside looking in, I'm still confused about your Democratic delegates. I hope Michigan voters are able to vote for whom they want. Personally, I don't think the Democratic party was fair, since they still allowed Iowa and New Hampshire to start things off prior to Feb 5, and I'm tired of everyone being spread out instead of all voting on the same day, so we aren't influenced unduly by results in other states.

I'm a Dennis Kucinich voter in California. We didn't used to hold our primaries until June, though this time we'll vote Feb 5.

Holly Bee said...

It's a mess. The only actual delegate on the ballot is Clinton.

The others have boycotted MI due to the primary being moving up...arggh, arggh, mess, mess.

It's all rum and coke and knitting for me. I hope my sweater doesn't turn out all wonky!