Monday, January 28, 2008

Zombie Prom Date Party Weekend...

So, you may be wondering..."what the heck is up with all the photos?" Well, let me walk you through them.

This, this yarn, this yarn may kill you. I joined Hat Attack! That's right, I'm a yarn assassin.

I'm gonna knit your ass. Actually your head, but either way, I hope you're shaking in your boots, and that it's cold where you live, because your future hat is gonna be warm, and teal. Uh, huh, teal.

Speaking of teal, look at these lovelies!! Spinsanity has been knitting her little heart out for one of her 27 kids.

The kid has like the quickest coolest knitter around and he has the nerve to wash his dishes...with his hands. Not as in "I hand wash my dishes." But like "I physically put soap on my naked hands and rub my dishes with them." So Spinsanity made him a few dozen of the most hip wash rags ever...

That was just the fun you missed out on by skipping Zombie Prom Date Knitters during the week. Now for the real fun you missed. It's what I like to call the after party. Or the party that led up to the after party. Or the first party, the after party and the other party. I don't know, but I'm tired today. Ah, yeah.

This is Ginny, my grandma. Now I'm telling you, not looking 80 to me. So, you have years, and years of me being loud and obnoxious to look forward to. Nice right. Also, I hear the ladies in our family age like this...29, 29, 29, ok, a lot of 29's and then 69,69,69 and then we just hold steady there. It's sweet!

Look! My cousins. They're my cousins, but also my genetic half siblings! Cool, huh! Why are they doing work? Because they are Mel's kids, and he's the good twin, and I'm Marty's kid, and he's the evil twin. Which means, they work, I run my mouth and take photos.

Oh crap, Kristin! No one told you twins run in the family? At least they're all cute!

Hey! Is that Toady from Black Sheep Knitting Guild?! Yepper! She's my cousin too! Why is she laughing? She's keeping twins and kids in line and, that's a full time laugh riot.

Ok, ok, they don't all come as matching sets. Look! More Pig Cousins!!!

Spinsanity Spinning...

Emily Spinning

Holly Spinning

Sadly, the knitting wasn't much better that night. But I was really good with the loud, the talking and the pizza roll eating. Some things I excel at.

Like Putter. She's good at this...

Besides being able to take down a zombie with any household item, Shelly's also good at making stitch markers out of anything.

You know that commercial where the knitting Grandmas are all dismayed because they accidentally end up at the tattoo shop? This is pretty much how I feel about that commercial...
Ad people are stupid. Knitting Grandmas got ink. At least Zombie Prom Date Knitting Grandmas got ink.

After noting that it was 2:24 am, and that we had gone through several bottles of wine, and that certain people really do spin better under the influence and that although Putter is old enough to drive, we already knew the roads were too slippery to be out on because...GRANDPA GOT IN ANOTHER CAR TOTALING WRECK EARLIER IN THE EVENING. We decided it was time to turn in for the night.

Oh, you want to know about Grandpa? It was Grange night and he was staying in Kzoo with the In Laws. They braved the roads to go to Grange in the Creek. The all got to the Creek, but while there, they got crashed into, and the MIL's new Subaru was totaled. They are all ok, but really, when it's shitty out, stay home.

Party 3...

A Bridal Shower!!!

Some one must have told Kristin about the twins thing.

Oh my, even here I run into knitted artifacts!!! Look at Gryffon's hat!! Not only does he have a sweet name, but look at that hat! Ok, if I had twin babies to put up with, I'd need a sweet hat too. (I can't remember who she said made it for him, but it is the we call them pirates pattern from hello yarn.)

Look at them toes!!! More knitting.

Here's Matt telling Grandma that he got into Zombie Slayer Monthly. She was so proud. 80 and still getting monsters. It's a thing of beauty.

Who would bring a gift wrapped like that to a bridal shower?

Members of Zombie Prom Date Knitters of course!

Feeling a little lonely? Sad even? Then get off your rump and have some fun! Go, learn to knit.


Carina said...

The sleepover looks like it was fun! Did the zombies leave you alone long enough to get real knitting in?

Kristina B said...

I want to come and have fun in Michigan!!!!!


However, having seen Sicko by Michael Moore this weekend, I guess I'd better get some health insurance first...

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Hey, you missed MY knittin' Grandma ink. *pout*

Did you steal my #6 Harmony point? Please gawd don't let the damn fiber-eating dog have eaten my Harmony! Dishcloth knitting isn't so much fun without my Harmony. :*(

We need to bring a little sumpin-sumpin to sleep in your soy mocha so you can finishing spinning up whatever the dog didn't eat.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Oh, and there is STILL shrimp in my trunk.

I gotta get it out of there before the heat wave makes it stink up the sheeps.

Mono Loco said...

Never fear Spinsanity!!

I finally found the Harmony point inside the sleeper sofa! (I'll bring it on Thurs)

My dog eats wool - my couch eats needles - my basement grows zombies!! Bwahahah!!

Holly Bee said...

I do like me some hooch!

Don't worry, I always have the evil camera with me...

Mono Loco-things may be evil in your house, but you host a mean slumber party! You also cook-a a dee-lish omelet.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Awww, I love you, crazy monkey juggler!

And I will be so happy to be reunited with my Harmony on Thursday. As long as Peter's kidney doesn't explode between now and then. Maybe even if it does. I'll need a break from the man whining.

KnittingBlueContent said...

You had me laughingmyassoff at the picture of "Holly's Spinning"!

Priceless post.

kristinknits said...

Thanks for coming to the bridal shower and ensuring that no zombies ruined our fun. : ) Good to see you 2 days in a row!

You need to come here and go shopping at Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel.

Holly Bee said...

Hey Knittingblue! That's really how I spin. It's priceless to behold in person too!

Carina-With ZPDK on the case, not a Zombie in sight! Well, we did watch Shaun of the Dead!

KristinKnits!-Big hugs :) I am sooo heading your way in the near future! Woo hoo!!

KristinB! Come to Michigan! But really, get the insurance!

Twin/Spin-Now you wantin' the evil camera. heeeheeheehee! I'll be like Franklin, but the 1000 tattooed knitters project. Take that Franklin!!