Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Have I Lost my Edge?

As Pig 2 and I were putting the finishing touches on our cupcakes, I was thinking...

"Maybe I better rescind that entry I submitted to be a Knit Girl, I'm going soft. Maybe I should submit something to Martha Stewart or Better Housekeeping instead."

Then I looked back over my week, remember, it's noon on Wednesday...

Lunching with Shelly who ponders "Am I destroying my enemies when I knit for them?"

No, I think we were destroying fellow diners appetites with the talk of "tasty, tasty flesh."

Ice cream after we ate a 4 person serving of sushi. Yeah, veggie no more.

SNOW MADNESS photo shoot...

No fire in your gas fireplace?

No problem, I can hot wire that.


Eh, I'm good.


Anonymous said...

do I spy Kumo Sushi??? um hello I like sushi! lol

Holly Bee said...

Wanna set up a lunch date???

Carina said...

See, the problem is that you're so smart and amazing that the hard stuff, like killing zombies or knitting or hot-wiring fireplaces, is easy and the easy stuff, the stuff that's beneath you, like cooking, is hard. It's just hard to wrap your mind around stuff like that. Like Marvin in Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy just without the depression. :)

Holly Bee said...

Ahhh, Carina! You are melting my evil, evil heart!

Kristina B said...

Holly: maybe you can't cook because you are decidedly NOT a zombie.

See this video clip (it was on the other night - I thought immediately of you, of course): - video clips from 22 January 2008 - click on Cooking with Zombies (1/2 way down the list).