Monday, December 24, 2007

Zombie Prom Date Holiday!

Ok, best gift EVER...

How evil is that? Zombies be warned, my gang is preparing for battle! We may stop for coffee along the way, but really, wasn't it the boy scouts that said "be prepared?" I know I am more prepared when I have a mocha, soy, no whip and a cookie in my system.

Another great gift harmonicas, for the Pigs. Never would have seen this one coming. Now the Ogre and I can get a moments peace and quiet. Well, we at least get a moment of peace.

Mexi-Coke's best friends

Mexi-Coke's other best friend

I think Mexi-Coke and Puerto Rum should hit the road and have some sort of little travel sized babies. I know I'd always carry one in my knitting bag, in case of emergencies. You know like global zombie take over, or really long flight delays. You never know when you are going to be holed up somewhere and need that little kick of real caffeinated sugar cola and the calming effect of rum. Plus it just tastes good.

What else tastes good? Lemon Meringue Pie-Check this work of art...

Of course I didn't make it,you know I burn pre made pork chops. The Ogre is the cook at Casa de Ogre.

Then he was all grumpy because he had to sit at the Pig table...

Don't worry, I had the evil camera out all day...

Where was Alice??!!?? 4 Alarm Zombie fight! Let's hope she made it back home ok!!!

Knitting update:

Kristinknits was working on a beautiful grey cabled scarf with Reynolds Blizzard. Very swank. I had not seen the Reynolds Blizzard before. Does anyone carry Reynolds yarn around here? It was really nice stuff! I'd like a super soft bulky to knit with! Note the whining. Do I need yarn? NO-NO-NO-NO-NO.

Side note, work on New Years Resolutions to torture self with through about May. Good.

Carina just finished this Tam. Crazy isn't it! Pattern from the most recent Knitty. Makes me want to put away my hoser hats and berets and break out the girly fab tams!

Alice gave Jeanne the fab pair of socks that she had been knitting on at ZPDK. Gorgeous as always.

I am making the world's largest Garden Gate Scarf. It's so long that I may need to grow taller to wear it. OR buy taller Zombie Stomper boots.

I also need to make some sleeves for the Tulip sweater you have been hearing nothing about. Right now it's a very swank Tulip Vest.


Carina said...

That t-shirt rocks! How awesome is that!

I'm thinking of sticking the tam in the dryer to see if it would tighten up a bit. It might just be super floppy. At least I have enough yarn to make another one. *sigh*

What a fun holiday you've had. I should get to Horrocks and get me a Mexi-Pepsi for the holiday. :)

Holly Bee said...

Get the Mexi-Pepsi! Or 3! You will love it! You deserve it! Treat your self :)

shannwa said...

That T-shirt does absolutely rock. Now we need to all get them to wear on Thursdays...that'll really freak out the other Water Street patrons. We'll be like our own little coffee shop gang. LOL
Where do you go about getting Mexi-Pepsi, btw? Or Mexi-Coke? Some sort of cola beverage with REAL sugar in a GLASS bottle???
Glad you had a happy holiday, Holly. Are we on for tomorrow afternoon at Water Street?

Holly Bee said...

Zombie Prom Date is available for those in need at the normal location this Thursday!!!

Mexi-Soda is available at your local Mexican restaurant or Grocery.

Juanita's in Kalamazoo should have some. I've been getting mine from Horrock's in Battle Creek.

If you are in the Battle Creek area, Horrock's is totally worth going to. It's a crazy fresh produce grocery store on the first floor and a holiday gift shop on the second. All this housed in an old Sears building!

kristinknits said...

We look good! : ) Thanks for the Mexi-Coke ... mmmmmmmm!

And yes, I will let you know about the next local Etsy Craft show thingy. Detroit is super awesome and has these events from time to time.