Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yarn, Beer, Snow, Home!!

Winter Weather Warning, Snow and Freezing Rain? I fart in your general direction!
Alice and I decided that we say thumb our noses at the winter storm and celebrate our birthdays by heading over to Threadbear Fiber Arts anyway. Birthdays/Deathdays, same/same.

It was a rocky start. I left the house like 3 times. We met at the McDonald's in Galesburg and they had all these harshly worded "we will tow your vehicle if you leave it here in the attempt to car pool and/or save gas on adventure/fun."

So we said "Screw you and your undrinkable recycled robot ass coffee, we're going to
Koffee Klutch, Lu Ann won't tow us!!"

Which is totally true. Lu Ann will not have your car towed if you want to leave your car in the parking lot that is shared by Koffee Klutch and the hardware and the grocery. You just can't abandon junk cars there or do like over night long term hippie camping there. I asked.

Also, Zombie Prom Date Knitters meeting up at Koffee Klutch Wednesday Dec 12 6-8 at Koffee Klutch!

Finally on the road to Yarn Heaven.

When we arrived, Alice was like "it's not what I expected." I was all "oh, I forgot to warn you, it looks like a total shit hole on the outside."

Here's the deal. Threadbear is in a stripmall. Plain grody strip mall. Like it should be a 7-11 or Circle K. But it's really a wizard tent. You know, the one in Harry potter where it's all dumpy and tiny on the outside and super huge magic on the inside. Yeah.

Look!!! This is what I found when we got inside yarn heaven... Mission Falls 1824 cotton for $2! It's normally like $5 something! The superawesome superwash 1824 wool was 3 bucks!

It was also super cheap bag sale day. Yep, you could pick up some old bag for cheap.

Oh, we met Bixby, the rescue pup. Or actually, Bixby the rescued pup, since he was rescued, and he doesn't actually do any rescuing that I know of.

Then we saw someone try to bring in this big bull mastiff and it peed all over the front of the store! Good times. They had to bring out the mop to clean that mess up.

Things Alice could not leave without. Twisted Yarns sock yarn, which she tried to buy off of Spinsanity at the last ZPDK's knitsanity session. Yeah, major score of sock yarn.

After 3 hours in yarny heaven, we rushed back to the not abandoned car. Where to have lunch before the crap snow attack?

Well, if I was going to get trapped in Kalamazoo with a whole bunch of lovely new yarn, the place I would like to be would either be Bell's or Old Peninsula...

We went with Bell's. I really like their veggie food. Yes, I've been eating meat like it's going out of style.

Because, well it is. After the first of the year, no more meat for me. Damn you Shelly and your talk of beef and burgers and all things with legs and eyes!

So, here we are safe in the arms of Bell's. Half hoping we'd get stranded with our yarn and our brew. Try the Hell Hath No Fury. Limited edition, never to be brewed again. Like a woman, smooth, sassy, and kicks your ass. We should so have a Zombie Prom Date at Bell's....


tracyb said...

that is such an enormous bargain, I almost want to drive from Detroit to Kalamazoo to buy yarn!


Kristina B said...

Good call, ignoring the storm warning.

The bargains you found make me want to get up off my lazy @$$ and get up to the Shoe Company where I heard of funky $30 winter boots. Almost, anyway - good score on the (Canadian!!!) Mission Falls. Excellent, in fact.

Carina said...

Man, are they not carrying Mission Falls anymore? That stuff keeps going lower and lower in price, and that's just wrong. Not the sale (which totally rocks), but the idea they might not carry it anymore.

I thought about Threadbear yesterday. I went to the craft sale instead. *sigh* I really want to go up to Threadbear soon. Not that I need more yarn or anything . . .

Holly Bee said...

Call Threadbear-They ship!!!

Cotton-lot's of Fuschia, lot's of blue,

Wool-many colors!!!

Call them! Call them!!

Shelly said...

Woo Hoo!! Let's have ZPDK at Bell's and I can eat things with legs and eyes while knitting! Who could ask for more?!

Holly Bee said...

ZPDK at Bell's would be awesome! Really, it would. We should plan this...Checking calendar...

Shannon said...

Looks like you ladies had a hell of a time. I think ZPDK at Bell's would be great. It's like we're on a tour - which we kind of are. I'm going to make it to Water Street on Thurs., I swear it. LOL I've really missed you crazy folk. :)

Rob said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming up to the shop on Saturday. I'm glad you had a fun time--it was a strange and wonderful day!

And I'm glad you saw poor Anne bring in her mastiff and me haveto bleach-water mop up after him....that was just strange!

And to Carina, no--we won't be carrying MF yarns any longer, beyond the current stock. They just N-E-V-E-R sold unless we discounted/put it on sale. We have lots in that gauge, so I guess it was just overkill and not terribly compelling until it was marked down. There's still plenty around, however!

AllyB said...

That description of Threadbear is so much like I felt when I went there for the first time. I was amazed at how tacky it is on the outside and then when we got inside, oooo, it was so exciting. Fortunate for my wallet that we were on our way to a Tigers game from Grand Rapids or I would have gone crazy in there. Sounds like you had a great time.