Monday, December 10, 2007

Wednesday! Knit One, Knit All!!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters are taking it on the road, and we're inviting YOU! Ok, we're not going actually going to Mexico, but here's where we'll be...

Wednesday, December 12th


The Koffee Klutch
2 West Michigan Ave.

Galesburg, Michigan
269-665-JAVA (5282)

If you've been wondering what all the fuss is about knitting, spinning, or this whole Zombie Prom Date Knitters group, come in for a cup of coffee, have a baked good, you'll want to learn to
knit in about, ah, 5 minutes. It's super fun.

Also, if you're feeling the spirit of giving and love or you made a hat and it doesn't fit the person you wanted it to, or your gauge is all wonky, don't fret!! We will redistribute it to a charity! We got game. Can you say that about charity? I don't know, I just did.

ZPDK, besides knitting with Albert Einstein, slaying zombies and hooking up with the Alternate Universe on occasion, likes to help out. Orphans, the hearing impaired, people with cold ears,
basically, it boils down to cold people in need. I especially like people with heads, because I like to make hats. But we as a group like to help people, you know, warm up. So, we're like Warm Up America, (who we love and support) but with less focus.

Look! Yarn for Charity Projects!!

As a side note, when you think yarn is all wool and you try to kool aid dye it in the microwave, and it turns out to be part acrylic, it stinks. The color might also turn out to be somewhat similar to cat throw up. When the yarn is in the shape of a hat, and not in the shape of a skein, you think "will I wear a cat barf color hat?" The answer is "eh, if I'm cold enough."

Luckily, a friend had this in their stash, and thought is was just the right color for me...

Bright! Green! Pink! Are those elf hat colors or what?


Kristina B said...

Come to Toronto!!! Come to Toronto!!!!!!!!

Carina said...

I'll be there if my health gets better. Not doing too great today. I'll probably need an out-of-the-house break by then, though. :)

Holly Bee said...

Toronto wants us, Grand Rapids wants us, the whole state of Maine wants us. I hear they have it real bad with zombies and vampires.

Look, word from the Klutch...they want us, they really, really want us there. Plus they want us to get there safe...


Sounds great. We will be looking forward to having you here at the Klutch. Drive safe .

Lu Ann