Monday, December 10, 2007

A Tulip in Winter...It sounds so fancy

Ok, so the Dream in Color Tulip Baby sweater rage. Yes, yes, thank you Yarn Harlot.

Well, here's the deal. Pretty yarn, easy pattern, but really, what is all the fuss? It's a top down baby sweater with stripes, there are loads of patterns for that.

This is the annoying yet simple difference, that makes all the difference. Listen up naysayers and budding pattern writers alike-it's CLEVER.

Yes, that's all it is. The pattern writer added little clever bits of fun into a super easy pattern making it just fun enough to keep the knitter from clawing his/her eyes out.

Stripes, easy, but the color change row has a fun little patterning to it. (not givin' the milk away for free here.)

Applied i-cord edging-brilliant! Cute, all one piece, brings it together.

Also, one piece. Actually, the road to hell is paved with single socks and sleeveless sweaters. Probably not too many Tulips in the bunch.

I personally don't like the peachy color of the original colorway kit. No problem...order your pattern and kit from Threadbear. They've got special Dream in Color kits!
Carina's Tulip-last colorway from Threadbear

You can also just pick out some of your own colors and make it crazy hippie rainbow, or pick your own yarn.

So, what I'm getting at, the herd is right, this is a fun, easy, not boring, top down baby sweater.


Carina said...

I loved making mine. The colors were perfect for my niece, and the yarn was so squishy and nice. Mmmm . . . I'm a total fan of Dream in Color yarn now.

Kristina B said...

Carina, your colourway is far preferable to the original, methinks.

Have been avoiding the Dream in Colour yarn... hmm.

Holly - I agree with you, the pattern is similar to many others... I think that the Yarn Harlot is at the point where she is like the John Grisham or Stephen King of knitting - whatever she publishes is gold!