Monday, December 17, 2007

The Toilet is Evil Too

Knit with sewage for you just doesn't have that certain snarky ring to it. But that's what I've got, sewage. You know I can't make these things up, and it has been slow around here. So what's going on? You know I can't wait to tell you!

The plumbing in the Casa de Ogre, along with the furnace, have been determined by a licensed professional to be possessed by evil. Again, can't make this up.

When one of the Pigs is accepting a Noble Prize for time travel and they ask him where he got his inspiration...He better say "Home" and not some crap about blah, blah alternate universe.


Carina said...

I can't believe the bad luck you've had with that house. It's like that movie, Money Pit, but worse. Ugh.

You could watch Dogma tonight and laugh at the sewage demon.

wendy said...

That house is providing a great service. What kind you ask? well, blog flodder and a ummm a a nice

tracyb said...

Oh no! Not more sewage! I feel your pain.

kristinknits said...

You and Tracy can bond over your sewage experiences. Mmmmm.