Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tips for a Good Blood Draw, or Take Care of Yourself

Veins don't roll.

Let's just get that straight. If someone is about to draw your blood and you get a
"um, um, um, looks like you got them rolly veins." Please remember you are your own best patient advocate, and you have choices.

I personally do not have a needle phobia, and I have been employed as a person that made their living drawing blood for 8-10-12 hours a day. I am now employed as a person that actually tests blood, and my work depends on the quality of sample obtained from YOU or me, the patient.

So, no I don't have a needle phobia, I have a poorly trained people passing off bad information phobia.

Here are your choices...please remember to take a deep breath and stay calm...that does help.

1. Wait and see. They haven't done anything yet.

2. Wait and see. They haven't done anything yet.

3. Your Doctor ordered these tests for a reason, not to hurt you, but to see what is making you sick, give this person a chance.

4. If the person drawing your blood does not obtain a sample on the first try-TAKE A DEEP BREATH. The get 3 strikes in baseball.

5. But in phlebotomy, only give them 2. If you get poked twice and they don't get their specimen. CALMLY ask for your lab orders and say you will have them done tomorrow at your regular lab. Then really follow through. (Your Dr wants those lab results to see what is making you sick or to monitor medication levels. It is important.)

The person will feel relieved. She/he doesn't want to p0ke you multiple times either.

6. If you know you are going to have to get blood drawn, make sure you're properly hydrated. An extra glass of water and a positive attitude goes a long way. PMA baby! That's right Positive Mental Attitude.

7. Just because the person drawing you looks young, doesn't mean they aren't awesome at it. You figure, you draw 10 people an hour for 8 hours a day, you get pretty good at it pretty quick.

8. Calm, deep breaths, look away if you need to. But remember you are in charge, and you can get your labs drawn somewhere else calmly, nicely and without yelling. Just remember to get your lab orders, and a band aid before you go.

Is this saying that I got poked twice? No, of course not. My veins don't roll and neither do yours.


Kristina B said...

Excellent tutorial. Will have to print it off and take it with me next time I have to go to the drug lab.

Holly Bee said...

They will be pissed, but it's true!

Dee's brother said...

Wouldn't it be easier if they had a "hot" Vampire chick....kinda like Kate Beckensale in "underworld" to draw the blood? They could just bite you...and spit it into a vile?

Holly Bee said...

Blood born pathogens

dee's brother said...

I love it when you talk dirty! LOL

Jilly said...

The lovely young lady who drew my blood a couple of weeks ago at Woodbridge was wonderful. No bruising whatsoever! :) Pat her on the back for me, will ya Holly? (It's the one who looks like a 12-year-old. :P)


Kristina B said...

hey, if you're a member of the Society of Pathology, does that mean you're pathological?

heh heh

Holly Bee said...

Yes, those people at Woodbridge do excellent work. We also tend to look amazingly youthful! Plus, lab coats make a person look super thin.

Science is the field to go into ladies! Science rules!! I've got Avogadro's number...

lora said...

Not only have I been told that my veins roll... the dude in the blood-mobile (who had to keep turning the needle to keep the blood flowing) told me that I have "weak overcooked macaroni veins". I suspect he is right because the rest of me also resembles mushy pasta.

wendy said...

Personally I like those butterfly needles and think the others should not be made no matter how faster they are.lol.