Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanksgiving, Part Deux, or Tres, or More

LOOK!! It's celeb knitter Kristinknits!! That's right. She's setting the record straight about Michigan. Detroit is not dangerous! (Battle Creek is!)

Hey Kristin, "How about them Sox?"

I couldn't resist!

Mel eating the fatted ham.

Then, like always, right in the middle of our meal, the zombie alarm went off...

Matt, does not like to patrol, slay, or generally uphold his end of the zombie duties.

But I'm always ready!!

You may wonder what we do with all the left over zombie parts we accumulate...

We feed them to the cat.


Carina said...

I hope you were still wearing your zombie-kickin' boots. :)

I had so much fun at the ZPDK meetup today. If only I hadn't had such a long convo with my prof--I didn't get anywhere near enough knitting time in.

Holly Bee said...

I'm so glad you could make it too!!

I was good you were able to talk to your prof though!!!

Kristina B said...

Holly: if the cat (who lives with you) gets fed the ogre parts... what exactly do you feed your houseguests?


Holly Bee said...

Uh,Soylent green?