Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Madness...It's a Thing

We love to be snowed in. Ok, I'm the only one snowed in. The Mazda 5, it's not so much great in backing out in 5-8 inches of snow. Ok, I'm not so great at backing out and I don't like to be cold, so I'm not leaving.


It's all furniture rearranging, junk food, Hitchcock Movies, and well, rum. Rum, it does go well with Chex Mix. Note to self, Chex Mix freezes, not necessary to eat it all today.

I tell you, that Grace Kelly, lovely.


Carina said...

Mmm . . . Chex Mix! Great idea! We've got the fireplace roaring, the crockpot cooking the soup, and the kids watching claymation Christmas shows. Good times, good times. :)

Holly Bee said...

I know! It's fun. Well, we do have our heat, and a bunch of food, and electricity, etc. So, it's all cool.

But our toilets are all backed up again! So it's sort of like we're roughing it!

Kristina B said...

Grace Kelly... sign. I wish I looked like her.

I'm snowed in today too. Finished the Tilted Duster. Now on to the real (paid) work so that I don't come back to Canada only to learn that I've been fired. My priorities, as usual, are all over the place.

But first away to the laundry room (6 loads of laundry, and no Treasures from Trash!!). sigh



shelly said...

Snow madness in the ghetto has manifested itself in watching vast quantities of Schoolhouse Rock videos on YouTube while swilling wine and Tater Tots.

I think we're on the edge here folks...

dee's brother said...

We decided to act like we cared about your night we turned the central air conditioning on. Nice and cool in the house by bed time. It only got to 84 here on Saturday...brrrr!