Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Plumbing Solved! Or...Confession of an Idiot!

So, the house isn't as possessed as possessed by an idiot. Yes, friends, with a little more time, a poop camera, a bigger auger, and some Veronica Mars level detective work, the plumbing problem was solved. Sadly, during the evil be gone plumbing extravaganza, the Qui Ja board pointed right to me as the root of the problem.

No, this does not mean I am a really big dumper. Thanks though. Thanks for thinking that. Long ago, back when the sun shined. Think August. I was in the garage, and decided to hang an Ogre Painted "Welcome Fiends" (Fiends, not Friends) sign. I used a stud finder, to locate a stud. Oddly, it kept pointing to Home Depot, London Style, and then this one section of wall in the garage. I picked out a really big sturdy looking nail and hung up the sign.

Oi Shepards! Was the sign rocking? Didn't it look great? Wasn't the Ogre impressed with how cool it looked hanging in the garage?

Sadly, it was hanging not from a stud, but from this...

The main plumbing pipe from the upstairs! Yeah. The super awesome plumber also noted that most people's houses do not have their plumbing running down the outside wall, thus leading to a really expensive "Welcome Fiends" sign clogging their toilets.

1 Welcome Fiends Sign+ 1 Nail + 1 Plumbing Pipe=2 clogged Toilets and a Tub full of Raw Sewage.

Look! This is my $700 Margarita!

I was also warned not to flush zombie parts.


Carina said...

Wait--they ran the upstairs outflow pipe down an outside wall?! Man, did they cut every corner they could think of on that thing or what! Me, I'd go to the neighbors' houses and see if they're all having similar problems (probably) and get together and send a letter to the contractor. This is ridiculous!

Matt Church said...

Guess fiends won't be welcome any longer!

AllyB said...

That's a great story! Glad it's yours and not mine, lol. Have a happy holiday!

Holly Bee said...

I know the person who built the house's daughter in law...I can't really complain.

Fiends are ALWAYS welcome!!!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Now that your plumbing problem is solved, could you find my cellphone? It was last seen Tuesday night on the kitchen counter.