Friday, December 21, 2007

No Evil Camera,Shannon!

Well, Zombie Prom Date Knitters was a small affair yesterday. I didn't say quiet, I just said small. Too bad for Shannon BC...I forgot to whip out my camera, and she wasn't there to bask in the glory.

Let's see who did we offend? A minister in training, a homeschooling family outing, and perhaps the man who said "I don't even want to know what the hell is up with those chicks." I think that statement may have been uttered during the semi erotic talk about Gluten Free Guy and the general loveliness of CSI:NY.

Where's my stitches? When is Zombie Prom Date in January? I love me some MI Knit Chicks!

That's right CSI:NY, if the cast even needs a substory and magically ends up in Kalamazoo and the short guy with glasses is all torn up about Montana being injured and needs to go to a local coffee shop to knit and ease his mind...Then meets up with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters and happens to uh, not make out at all but just talk knitting, with me, being played by me, that would be cool.

I would also be keen on talking knitting with any male cast members on that show, Gary (Lieutenant Dan!) , Dude who was Tag on Friends. Sorry about lack of name knowledge, I just look at the pretty pictures.

No, the Ogre doesn't know about my CSI:NY problem. He thinks I hate the show. I always say "Oh, is this the only thing on? I guess we can watch this." Heeheehee.

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Carina said...

He'll always be Lieutenant Dan to me, too. :)

Sorry I couldn't be there. I'm fighting something, and I needed to just crash in the comfy chair for a couple of hours. I did have to drop off stuff at the lab, which made me wonder how you can test all that stuff all day. You are a stronger woman than I, that's for sure.