Monday, December 31, 2007

Making Knitting Cool, Day after Day

Zombie Prom Date Knitters had it's first male join! He's actually a crocheter, but we use the term "knitter" loosely.

I scored a great new mug. The basement, when completed will be painted all super cool, to match the mug. Yes, the mug represents my vision of "the 50's dream of the future..."

I know I'm a dork, you don't need to remind me. Not only does the rec room have a name, we are hanging photos of famous scientists and painting scientific equations on the walls. Yeah, the nerd card is laminated and sitting right next to the ZPDK card.

Speaking of nerdy things... While scrapbooking with the girls, I thaught Erika to knit! Be the change you wish to see in the world?

Or teach your friends to knit so they can make their own sassy berets.

She's bringing sassy back.

Speaking of bringing sassy back. Look what I found while cleaning the basement...

My biker jacket!
Ah yes, what was found in the pockets? A hand full of change, a tampon, a coupon that expired in 1994 thus making the tampon about 13 years old, and a sweet little eye gouging knife. Somethings never change.

Although somethings don't change, look how much the basement has changed! Empty, and clear of cat piss. So help me, if that cat pees on the floor now, he will go the way of the mice...

Ah, how to celebrate New Years? With some Briar Rose Yarn and a Cuba Libre!

I'm making another cardigan for myself. Can a girl really have too many cardigans?


Carina said...

Ooh, yay! You've broken out the good yarn!

Yay for clean basement, too! Whoo! Party at Holly's! :)

shannwa said...

Basement looks great, Holly. Wanna come do mine? LOL

wendy said...

Call me geek but I LOVE the idea of your basement decorations...Way cool!

Happy New Year!