Friday, December 14, 2007

Did We Break The Klutch?

So we did in fact knit at the Koffee Klutch. We even fulfilled out part of the deal, we were loud, we used our outdoor voices and we drank a lot of coffee.

We even taught someone to knit! She'd never even heard of knitting before. Never touched yarn. Ever.

But Zombie Prom Date Knitters said "Hey, knitting is fun! Come, learn, have fun with us!"

Ok, ok, Stacey knew how to knit, I just helped with a refresher course.

Then this guy showed up pretending to be a zombie, and there was a bit of confusion when we all pulled out our shovels.

Careful Dad, I run with a rough crowd. They carry needles, and have been known to run with scissors!! Oh the horror. I think Shelly has been deported too. I don't think that was scissor related though.

The real problem arose when the local coffee drinking patron was plugged his ears with his fingers and shook his head in dismay at our two tables of joyous laughter.

Where can a rag tag group of knitters meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month without running into issues? It's turning into the Princess and the Freaking Pea here. Except we're running into uncomfy chairs, harsh stares, and well, obscene gestures.

Barnes & Noble-Portage
Uncomfy chairs, harsh stares, and the rude hand gestures. Although if I were single, and frisky, I could have gotten lucky in the bathroom with a coffee making boy. But really, not enough bleach in the world for me to do that in this universe in a public bathroom. Hello, germs. Note to singles...friendly coffee boy.

Koffee Klutch-Galesburg
Good location, super nice people, comfy chairs, one false zombie, and one angry fellow patron, plus early closing hours.

Where ever shall we go January 9th?

Bell's Brewery & Eccentric Cafe!

This is a family friendly brewery. Which means I bring the pigs there. Which means they serve food, good cheap food. Actually, really good, inexpensive food with many veggie offerings if you swing that way. Meat is also available if you like.

If you have not been there before, they are on Porter street, near the real Water Street Coffee Joint. Please dress warmly, it's in an old building. When I say dress warm, I mean dress warm. Shannon BC, heed my warning.

Carina! They have soda. They have Coke, Sprite, Jones soda, and Izze soda. Plus H2O. I don't know if they brew their own root beer, but I can call in January and find out. That's big love.

Here my friends is my Garden Gate Scarf...where the hell is my Mexi-Coke?

If one is not an idiot (read anyone but me) one would realize that there is an easy way to modify this awesome pattern written right into this great pattern! The part that goes around ones neck is not in the pattern stitch...lalala, didn't read that part.

Woohoo to Once in a Bloomoon Creations! You clever beast!

So, yes, go forth and buy, buy, buy from Once in a Bloomoon Creations! I am getting no kick backs from this, just untold joy in this smart, clever pattern. I also have developed a crush on
that sweet bobble bag I keep linking you to on the home page...

Remember that yarn I got from another single sock?

I've got some green that matches perfectly, I think I need me that bag pattern...after I get the sleeves done on the Tulip...heehee


Anonymous said...

Wow, I sneak in the Koffee Klutch to catch ZPDK in action, quietly whisper, "I'm a zombie" and the next thing I know there's shovels hissing through the air headed for my neck! Them girls are on high alert even when their heads are down and LOOK like they're busy knitting...

Carina said...

Whoo-hoo, boy howdy, was that fun. :D I'm all for some good root beer in January. Heck, I'm up for heading out tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot your Mexi-Coke. Sorry. They have it for cheap at Horrocks. They even have Squirt (remember that one?) and Sprite and Pepsi. All the original recipes we had growing up, Baybee!

tracyb said...

That scarf looks like it will be really pretty. Do you know yet, what kind of yarn you are going to use to weave through the holes?

Holly Bee said...

I am going to just go buy a truck load of Mexi-Coke and a coffee shop. If I'm going on a liquid diet, I might as well throw in a brew pub too!

As for my of left over crazy is what I am thinking. A Blue Morning Glory has to be made and yarn left over from the Lucy Neatby's rainbow hat will be somehow incorporated. Sock yarn? I will be attacked by bees.

Kristina B said...

Fab scarf!!!

The patron you offended at the Koffee Klutch? He needs to lighten up. Did he forget his lighting up Bluetooth earphone at home or something?!


Brew pub sounds like it rocks!!! And family friendly to boot. Nothing like introducing your kids to the joy of beer so early in life!

chickenlady said...

I am confused (it is easy to do I know), but wouldn't the next Knit Night be on January 9?

Holly Bee said...

Oh gee Chickenlady!!! You were the only one paying attention! The date was wrong!

I changed it on the blog, but it is second Wed, being Jan 9th, 2008!