Sunday, November 11, 2007

Zombie Prom Date Knitters...We're Taking Over the WORLD!

Dear Friends...

Ok, we are going to meet at

Barnes and Noble-Portage
2nd Wednesday of the Month

Seating area behind the Starbucks...not in the Starbucks, but just behind the Starbucks. No, I am not getting any $$ from Starbucks for saying their name. Although, I would take a mocha, soy, no whip.

This has not been given official status by Barnes and Noble. But it is not on a night that any other groups are listed as meeting. Sooo, if this ends up being a time that works for people and B&N doesn't hate us, I will ask if we can be an official group.

Hope to see you this Wednesday!

If you know the Ogre, please don't tell the Ogre this is knitting related. I just asked him if I could go hang out at Barnes and Noble. I think he is under the impression that I was going to do something "work" related. Yeah, research.

Also, since we are taking over the WORLD, we thought it might be nice to Warm Up America while we were at it. That's right, I strung those two together. I'm better than Jerry Lewis.

So, if you're in between projects and don't know what to knit or need to make a gauge swatch, knit a 7"x 9" section and bring it with you.

Don't worry about joining it. I will suck it up and join the the lot of them when we have enough for an afghan. That's right, I will take one for the team.

Also, if you don't want to sacrifice something super rocker out of your stash, I plan on bringing a couple of skeins "for the good of the order" if anyone gets the urge to do some Charity Knitting or just wants to learn how to knit. That's right, it's all about love baby.

Also, you don't have to be a ZPDK to join the 2nd Wednesday of the Month Knit Night. I'm just warning people that some of the crew may be there...


Kristina B said...

You are FAR better than Jerry Lewis. If you had a telethon once a week, I'd watch it! ;-)

Carina said...

I can't get there this week, but I'll aim for next month. Are we still meeting on Thursday afternoons? I can't this week (Girl Scout meeting). Is next week off for the holiday or moved to Friday?

I need a knitting break.

Holly Bee said...

Right. Holiday.

Zombie Prom Date Knitters will be meeting this Thursday as regularly scheduled. (Was that spelled correctly?)

As for US Thanksgiving and Zombie Prom Date Knitters...No, I won't be there. Feel free to meet there. I don't know if they are open...

As for Friday, the Day After Thanksgiving...That's

Knit like an Outlaw Day

You must go knit in public...
Riot Now!

kristinknits said...

I wish I lived near B&N Porage - I'd so be there!